How Can a Femme Find a Unique Formal Wedding Suit?

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Q:How can a femme find a unique suit to wear to her wedding?

I’m throwing myself at the mercy of you fashionistas. I’m trying to find a wedding suit to wear in a bold print (or just solid but in a really fabulous color). I am having an incredibly hard time finding something, and I’m someone with some real shopping stamina. Business casual or cocktail hour butch isn’t so hard anymore, but it’s the full suit (in any color other than black or grey, just colorful jacket and black pants) that’s eluding me.

(I’m a ciswoman with a super flat chest, size 12. I even reached out to Laramie from the sadly now defunct East Side Bride! And because she’s a goddess she helped me, and even she had a hard time with it! She found me this amazing hot pink Stella McCartney suit, but it’s really pricey. I think I’m still gonna find a way to go try it on tho.)

Answer From the Editor:

I’m a hound when it comes to the perfect item to purchase on the fashion front. If I have something in mind, I don’t let down until I find it (or something very, very similar). I’ve gone ahead and dug up what I could find on the deep web that won’t break the bank. (And if you’re feeling extra fancy there are a few items I found that might make you think twice!)

Have you checked out any online, custom tuxedo companies? Indochino offers custom tuxedos starting at $799 and Bonobos offers custom slim fit suits starting around $750.

If you can’t find a suit that fits well, you might have to opt for a badass blazer, like this electric pink velvet one (that has matching slacks and also comes in a few other colors). Neutral colors that aren’t black or white can also make a statement, and muted down bold colors like this purple suit are my fave. Patterned suits are super in demand right now, and what better way to stand out than with this houndstooth suit? If you want something that packs an understated punch, you can try out this monotone heart print velvet blazer (with matching slacks)!

And if you decide you really don’t need to own this thing, you can rent something super fabulous. Rent the Runway has an amazing, eclectic selection of blazers like these: bold floral print, Rachel Zoe Pewter Blazer, Derek Lam Plaid Blazer, and many more to choose from!

WARNING, SPLURGE WORTHY ITEMS HERE: Alice + Olivia Sequin BlazerMoschino Floral Embroidered BlazerJosie Natori Scenery Metallic Blazer


Where did you purchase your wedding suit or tuxedo? Is it worth paying for a custom outfit?

If you want the APW community’s two cents, send it to QUESTIONS AT APRACTICALWEDDING DOT COM, and we’ll do our best to crowd source you some answers!

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