Jennifer & Jonathan’s Classy Cat Wedding

* Jennifer, Freelance Framer, Artist, and Burrito Roller & Jonathan, Web Programmer/Multimedia Producer * Photographer: Kateryn Silva * Soundtrack for reading: “Blue Velvet” by Bobby Vinton *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: Classy cat wedding.

The Info—Photographer: Kateryn Silva / Wedding Rings: Bario-Neal / Location: Chesterfield Township, New Jersey / Venue: The Inn at Fernbrook Farms / Jennifer’s Dress & Headpiece: Millcrest Vintage / Jennifer’s Reception Dress: Ruby Chic Boutique / Jennifer’s Reception Headpiece: Flair / Jonathan’s Suit & Groomsmen’s Suits: Jos. A. Bank / Bridesmaid Dresses: For Her and For Him / Cake: Sweet T’s Bakeshop / DJ: DJ Your Way with Chris

Other cool stuff we should know about: It’s all about the little things. We tried to add a personal, meaningful touch to all of the little details that defined our wedding. The bouquets and boutonnières were origami made by Jennifer’s childhood friend and bridesmaid Justine. We served some of our favorite craft beers. We featured an Asian food station (some of our favorite cuisine). Our first dance song was “Blue Velvet,” which was also featured in one of our favorite films with the same title. We love delicious cakes, so instead of having one, we had four from local bakeries. Jon’s cousin, Alexandra, was our ring bearer. Years ago, Jon served as ring bearer in his Uncle John and Aunt Andrea’s wedding (Alexandra’s parents).

It’s also about the big things. We love our cat, Toulouse, and wanted her to be our honorary usher. What started out as a joke ended up as long and involved process. We knew we couldn’t bring our cat to the wedding. So, instead, we purchased a large piece of plywood. Jen’s maid of honor, Alexa, is an illustrator by trade. On the plywood, she drew an incredible portrait of Toulouse’s head. Then Jon’s father, Mark, cut out the cat head and sanded it down. Jen and Jon then brought the cat head to Jon’s groomsman and college roommate, Ian. Ian, being one of the most gifted painters Jon has ever met, painted the most beautiful lifelike portrait of Toulouse. Once the giant cat head was completed, Jon’s father constructed a stand and we set it on a table at the ceremony to help point guests in the right direction.

The wedding venue itself also had a sentimental touch. Fernbrook Farms is an extraordinary organic farm and CSA. Jon’s parents have been members for several years now and pick their share of fruits and vegetables every summer. During our summer breaks from college and even some weekends during fall semesters, we would join Jon’s parents at the farm and help them collect their share. Just as we fell in love with each other, we fell in love with the farm. When we discovered that Fernbrook Farms hosts weddings, our decision was a no-brainer.

Oh and our wedding suite at the Inn at Fernbrook Farms had the best bathroom. There was a giant mirror across from the toilet. So when you took a piddle you looked like a fashion model, but a dresser sat in the front of the mirror right where your naughty bits are.

Favorite thing about the wedding:
Jen: I don’t get to see my Nanna often, she lives five hours away, so I am lucky if I see her once every year. I just got my hair, makeup, and dress on, when she happen to walk into my room to say hello. She was almost immediately in tears, and gave me the biggest hug.

Jon: My favorite thing was seeing the rings on our fingers at the conclusion of our ceremony. Not only did it mean I was married to my soul mate, it meant that I survived the process without dropping the rings in the grass.

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  • Are those piles of books as table decorations? I love it. My fiance and I are gathering old sf/f paperbacks to use. Not 100% sure what we will do with them yet, but we are excited about it.

    • Rebekah

      I’m planning something similar – finding great old hardcovers of books I like at Goodwill to use as centerpieces. I’m going to print out some bookmarks to commemorate the wedding and let people take the books home if they want. If not, more for me!

    • We’re doing the books-as-centerpieces, too! (We’re having a literature and science-themed day.) My fiance and I have been collecting red, black and gray hardcovers for six months and now have almost 70 of them . . . our local library has a great Saturday book sale where they sell donated, used books for cheap as a fundraiser. We’re stacking three on top of each other, then putting a flask or beaker with flowers on top.

      • Also, if I may reply to myself, some of the book titles are absolutely hilarious. Our favorite finds so far are ones akin to “Last Day of Freedom,” “It All Ends Now,” “To Have and Not Hold,” etc. Yay books!

      • Jennifer

        We also doubled the books as a centerpiece and favor. On the back of the numbered book (in the photo above) we had a “take a book!” note. Some guests didn’t take any. Some took more than one. And we had some fights over books (mostly just the Pokemon one) We also had bookmark favors which doubled as seating tags. I loved our favors since it was a way to donate to the library, reuse, and books nobody took was just re-donated to the library. No favors tossed in the trash!

  • Emily

    We were married here in October 2012 and it’s such a great central NJ venue! Recommend recommend recommend!

  • What an amazing keepsake you will have in your Toulouse head that so many of your loved ones had a hand in making. And your dress and headpiece are so incredibly lovely.

  • I thought I’d seen that cat face before, what a sweetie! We don’t really know any artists that could execute this so beautifully, but what a wonderful idea.

  • How wonderful it is to see more and more couples taking such a grand opportunity to express their unique personalities.

  • Rebekah

    Oh, also YAY Bobby Vinton! What a fantastic song.

  • Eenie

    I was sold at cat wedding. So sad he couldn’t be there with you, but glad he celebrated in spirit!

  • Oh my god that golf cart picture is EVERYTHING. Honorable mentions to the silhouetted shot of you taking off your shoe, all of the kissing, and that lovely slow dance at the end.

    I would mention the giant cat head but when I saw it I died of happiness and my ghost is now commenting on the internet.

  • Del678

    I normally skip the wordless wedding posts but this one really captured my attention – Just everyone’s facial expressions are so fantastic! 10 points.

  • Abilene

    I love both of your dresses, and all of the unique touches!

  • It was SO much fun to photograph Jen and Jon, seriously. Thank you both for being awesome.

  • That. Is. Amazing. Congratulations!!!

  • Andree K.

    Easily one of the funnest and funniest weddings I’ve ever seen! The golf cart picture was a real highlight for me.

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