Is There A Better Way To Do A First Look?

That feels less like a forced photo op?

Q: I’m getting married to my best friend next year, and we’ve gotten pretty comfortable with finding creative ways to substitute strange traditions for aspects that are more practical, realistic, and personally meaningful (no engagement ring, completely digital invites, both parents walking us down the aisle, etc.).

One of the things we’re stuck on is the whole first look thing. (We’re doing photos before the ceremony to save time at the reception.) To me, it just seems so cheesy to do the whole tap-on-the-shoulder-and-turn-around-and-omg-you’re-beautiful-wow-lets-hug-and-take-pictures thing. But I’m also planning on looking dope AF, so I wouldn’t necessarily just like to waddle out of my bedroom, grab the keys, and go on with the day unceremoniously.

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I read a lot on blogs that the first look is a “very special, private moment between you and your partner,” but I find that hard to believe because it’s sort of also meant as a photo op. My partner is fairly introverted and doesn’t really like being put on the spot, so he’s feeling uncomfortable with the whole thing too.

Any suggestions for how to cut out the BS, while still taking a moment to appreciate one another (or at least have fun with it!)?

DId you have a first look? What did you do to make your first look more enjoyable? How did you manage to have fun without putting on the pressure?

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