A Museum Wedding in Florida

Followed by a rocking backyard party

Tracy, Social Worker & Daniel, Teacher

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: Colorful, playful, and relaxed ceremony followed by a slammin’ backyard party with all of our favorite people.

Soundtrack for reading: “Make Her Mine” by Mayer Hawthorne

Other Cool Stuff We Should Know About

Tracy got pretty into the spirit of DIY and ended up drawing/lettering all the chalkboards herself and building that streamer curtain, which was seven feet tall and ten feet long out of PVC and sheets of crepe paper. Daniel’s mom and aunt baked over seven hundred cookies for the cookie table, which is a tradition in his family. We both felt so loved and supported and, to be honest, a little surprised by the outpouring of help from friends and family. After the reception the bridal party ended up at a local bar for karaoke where the owner presented us with a huge bottle of champagne and a card signed by all the regulars which basically just made both of our hearts explode (this is also where our best man and one of the bridesmaid’s learned that “Fast Car” is actually a very sad song).

Favorite thing about the wedding

The cupcakes. We knew we hit it out of the park when people were saying goodbye to us and they couldn’t hug us because they were trying to carry several cupcakes home! The karaoke after party at a dive bar after the reception takes a close second!


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  • LE

    Oooo. Beautiful wedding! I’m curious, what poem did your bridesmaid read at the ceremony?

    • TD

      She read “The Source” by David Wagoner. She tried and tried to find a copy of it online to no avail and ended up transcribing it to me in a FB message about a week before the wedding to see if I liked it. Dan and I met while working in the woods and we both love hiking so it was especially appropriate.

  • Megera

    your shoes (what kind?)! And the cake! And your bridesmaids look so lovely in the peachy-pink! The colours you chose are lovely.

    • TD

      The shoes were Bandolino shoes I found on clearance for $17 at Macy’s. If you wear a 9/9.5 I would be happy to send them along your way. I doubt I will every wear them again.

      • Megera

        sadly, my feet are a little smaller than yours: I’m an 8.5/9. I’ll look at Macy’s though — I love the colour, and they look like a reasonable height to wear all day. Did you change into flats at all?

        • TD

          I changed into flats in the middle of our receiving line because my feet hurt so bad. I wore pink grossgrain TOMS for the rest of the night (and basically the entire honeymoon). I remember our photographer asking if I wanted to take pictures across from the museum and I said no because I didn’t want to walk over there because my feet hurt. :)

          • Megera

            well, you’ve just sold me on flats for the reception!

  • That topknot tho….

    PS I love all the bouquets!!

    • TD

      That bun was one of the very first wedding decision. Check out the #bestbunever hashtag on Instagram. It’s full of great hair and bunnies. Best hashtag ever.

  • ART

    Wonderful! 2.5 weeks out from my wedding, I am convinced that baby’s breath is THE BEST wedding flower…it’s just so…HAPPY. And cheap. We bought two boxes from Costco and probably only used one, after stuffing it into every container we had for table decoration. And, ours smelled like chocolate. But it’s the only baby’s breath I’ve ever smelled so YMMV.

  • Caitlin_DD

    That bouquet is perfect.

  • H

    I just love this wedding. Who are the girls who gave you away – sisters? Best friends? Loved that part.

    • TD

      My younger sisters! :)

  • Ali

    Everything is gorgeous, but I have to comment on the Terrible Towel at the ceremony! Yay Pittsburgh!

    • Hannah B

      yessssss and they had a cookie table! a Pittsburgh wedding in Florida! Makes sense, that’s where the other Primanti’s is…

  • Rachelle

    I loved your hair when I saw it in black and white… and then saw your amazing red color and died. So gorgeous!
    And why do we not have a how to on that backdrop???

    • TD

      The backdrop was a labor of love but not really all that difficult. I think it was even under $50 to make. The most time consuming part is cutting the sheets of crepe paper into strips and fringing them (which you do while the paper is still in it’s original folded position).

      Then I got to buy a PVC cutter and some PVC and that was super fun. I only burned myself with the glue gun once! I’m sure I posted a How To on a message board somewhere – I will try to find it for you.

  • Anna

    This wedding is beautiful. So beautiful. I love your shoes, and your dress, and the mismatched bridesmaid dresses… and you know what? I just love all of it. Congratulations! :)

    And I am definitely snagging a similar no-devices sign for my ceremony when (in the very distant future) I get married.

  • sara g

    This is so beautiful! It just feels so genuine and loving. And girl, that topknot.

    I may steal your “no phones/cameras” sign wording for our upcoming wedding. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to say it without seeming mean. Just out of curiosity, did you have any backlash over it?

    • TD

      No backlash. I actually bought that design from an Etsy vendor and just printed it out onto pink paper and stuck it in the frame. :)

      • sara g

        Oh that’s good to know. Thanks!

  • vegankitchendiaries

    Late to the party… BUT THIS IS RAD! One of the bonniest brides in APW history and defo no contest for the cool as f*ck bridesmaids. Congrats, TD!

    • TD

      You are too kind! :)