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While we’re on the subject of the how you spend your wedding money, lets talk about supporting what we want to see more of in the world. Here is my vote:

If you are going to spend $1010 on a wedding dress, it might at well be hand-stitched. No, I don’t mean handmade, I mean Hand. Stitched. (Worth every penny.)

And gorgeous. I’m just saying. Yum, Sarah Seven yum. (and for sale on Etsy, natch)

Or how about this to die for dress, in white? For $118. I am. not. joking. Miss Branches is under-charging for sure, so get it while the going is good.

Because here is the thing. You know about how hippies/me talk about manifesting the things you love in the world? When you choose how you spend your money you actually, literally do that. And personally, I don’t need to manifest more bridal salons, I just don’t. I need to manifest more women owned small businesses. And talent. Pure, raw talent.

If you rock these, you’ll send me a picture, right?
Sarah Seven via everyone, Miss Branches via etsy wedding, of course

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