Cara & Jeff’s Wedding In 73 Seconds

The lovely Cara will be joining us as a wedding graduate soon, but after a long week, I had to sneak peak this wedding for you, because it will make you smile big-big-big.

Facts And Rambles:
1) This wedding took place blocks away from my long time home in Brooklyn, at The Farm On Adderley. I ate there the first week they opened, right around the time we saw a site specific To Kill A Mockingbird a block away. And now it hosts practical weddings. Oh, Brooklyn.
2) This video was not part of the couples plan to take over the world with their wedding. Instead they spent $100 to make a little photo corner with a frame from e-bay and some cool fabric. Then the photo corner got totally outta-control, and later they thought, “Heeeyyyyy…. this looks like a stop motion film.” So they made it one.
3) Don’t you want to be at this wedding? I do. F*ck pretty weddings, let’s bring on the fun.
4) Cara and I (and um, Alyssa) want to reassure you that this is not one more thing you have to live up to*. No, no, no. It’s just a snippet of surprising wedding magic, shared with Team Practical, since you’re part of the support that makes such magic happen. Happy Friday, kids, and kisses from Brooklyn.

Our Wedding in 73 Seconds from Jeff Kirsch on Vimeo.

*But if you’re at that point of madness that comes at the end of wedding planning where you’re slamming your head against the wall shrieking that you’re pretty sure you have to have a videographer shooting on Super 8 even though you never wanted a videographer ever (Been there. Stupid blogging industrial complex) this one’s for you. Read: you TOTALLY DON’T.

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