18 Free Script Fonts for Your DIY Wedding Invitations

Fancy modern fonts for zero dollars

If you’re thinking of doing DIY wedding invitations, the trick is all in finding the right fonts (particularly if you’re not an illustrator or designer. Cough, raises hand). Luckily, since the Internet exists solely for making your wedding easier (that’s why it was invented, right?) there are hundreds upon hundreds of free fonts to download, available at your fingertips.

Free Script Fonts for DIY Wedding Invitations

Unfortunately, that means there are also hundreds upon hundreds of really terrible fonts at your fingertips. Fonts that would put Comic Sans to shame. And since you’ve got way more important things to do with your time than sift through them, we’ve rounded up eighteen of the nicest, least terrible free script fonts we could find, all of which you can download for absolutely free. If you’ve done design work before, you can skip straight to the downloads below. But if this is your first time at the rodeo, here a few tips for working with free fonts:

  • Pay attention to what you want to write with your fonts. Some characters look better than others, so a font that looks terrible spelling out “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog,” might look amazing when you spell your wedding hashtag with it. So take advantage of the previews offered by font services. You may be surprised by which fonts end up speaking to you.
  • Not all free fonts are created equally. Some are free because their creators wanted to give something free to the world. Others are free because they aren’t the “pro” version of the font, meaning that they don’t contain the complete character set. In some cases, you’ll never notice this (i.e., the “complete” set contains a lot of special characters you have no use for). In other cases, this means you’re going to have to do without important characters like an ampersand (if a font below is featured without an ampersand, it’s because the font set didn’t offer it). Font services like dafont.com will show a character set on the page where the font lives, so you’ll be able to check which category your font falls under before you download.
  • If you’ve got your heart set on super fancy calligraphy, a lot of script fonts come with an extra “swashes” font, that contains extra flourishes. If you’re using a graphic design program (basically anything that’s not Microsoft Word) to design your invites, you can use these swashes to fancy up your text (like we did in the graphic below. Which was made with Sverige Script, in case you wanted to steal it for your own designs.)


Today’s download is just script fonts, but we’ll have other categories in the near future. If you have a request for something that’s been impossible to find, leave it in the comments!

18 free script fonts for your wedding invites

Candlescript Free Font Download

Respective Slanted Free Font Download

her von

Her Von Muellerhoff Free Font Download

Signerica Free Font Download

Jasmine Reminiscentse Free Font Download

Mademoiselle Camille Free Font Download

Janda Stylish Script Free Font Download

Monmica Free Font Download

Tamoro Script Free Font Download

Bacana Free Font Download

Maratre Free Font Download

Karine Aime Les Chocolats Free Font Download

Housegrind Free Font Download

Sverige Script Free Font Download

Anacondas Free Font Download

Mutlu Ornamental Free Font Download

MF Queen Leela Free Font Download

Brev Script Free Font Download

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