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Today’s how-to isn’t really a how-to, it’s a more like a free gift (and you don’t even have to buy the twelve ounce perfume set to get it. Win!) You see, after we launched our Lazy Girl DIY series this past spring and A Printable Press approached us to see if we’d be interested in simple (read: pretty, but doesn’t require an advanced degree to complete), modern and free wedding printables made especially for the APW set. Which—heck yes.

So up first is a super simple wedding banner that may actually take less time to put together than a sandwich. Seriously.

If you’ve never used a printable design before, the process is remarkably easy. In fact, since all the design work is done for you, the only skills required to execute this project are basic office skills—printing, cutting, hole punching, etc. So for all of you APWers seeking the sweet satisfaction of making things, without the stress of “omgwtfarepinkingshears?!” then this one is for you.

To start, choose which design you want (Kimi gave us two options for the banner: a heavier, classic font and a more streamlined, modern one) and download the customizable PDF by clicking the “free download” button on the page. When the PDF opens, place your cursor inside the pennant and type in the first letter of your word(s). Then, print that page onto a sheet of cardstock. Repeat the process until all of the letters in your banner are printed. Once you have all your letters, cut each one out on the dotted line, and place a hole punch in the two upper corners. String your letters together (Kimi used 3/8″ satin ribbon for the classic banner and twine for the modern one), and voila! It’s literally that easy.

And of course, you can keep this project as simple as you want (easy minimalist wedding decor? Done!) or go a little crazy and experiment with different kinds of paper, ribbon, etc. Me, I think I’m going to make some motivational banners for my office (something like, “Stop Watching Top Model and Get Back to Work” and string it together with some sequins). And the best part? You don’t even need to look at a glue gun. You. Are. Welcome.

Photos by: Kimi of A Printable Press

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  • One More Sara

    ERMEGERRRRDDDDD!!! Love this!!! Especially the part where you don’t need a glue gun ;)

  • I’m thinking I have just the occasion in our already married life this week to make one of these. I love that they are customizable. And I’m already imagining the totally epic picture of my husband and I standing underneath it.

  • CPM

    Loooove these! They’re for 8 1/2″ x 11″ size paper, right?

    • Maddie

      Yup! No hidden complications with this one, I promise. :)

  • JaM

    Thank you! I was already thinking of doing a banner for our Thank You cards now I can do it for FREE basically :)

  • Kimi and A Printable Press are awesome. This is really cute. We made our own photobooth for our wedding, and now we lend it to friends for their weddings, so I think I’m going to print this for the backdrop!

  • katieprue

    Customizable! I just want to print something really inappropriate and string it up in a low-traffic area of the house. My mischievous wheels are turning…

  • I’m excited! I think I might do this today….just because! Now just to decide what to message to write….. Thank you!

  • Moe

    Oh the possibilties are endless, I can make all sorts of banners of questionable taste!

    • Maddie

      EXACTLY. (And then cover them in glitter! Oh, that’s just me? Whoops.)

  • I’m so in love with people’s comments, because irreverent is the best way to be in life. If anyone takes photos of their banners I would looove to see them! Send to Maybe these would even be good for photo save the dates?

  • I’m having trouble getting the letters to line up when I downloaded. The letter is so high it is only half visible, maybe this is a mac thing or I am just being a bit thick, anyone have any helpful thoughts? GORGEOUS and I’m going to use them for cheeky non-wedding related project.

    • Michelle

      The same thing happened to me too! I’m also on a Mac….any help would be great!

  • Hm, I’m wondering if the issue is you might be trying to type into the PDF while it’s still in your internet browser? When you click on “Free Download” it first opens the PDF in a new window/tab in your browser (I don’t know why automatic downloads have to do that, but so my website coders tell me), and from there you can save it to your desktop. Once the PDF file appears on your desktop, double-click to open and then click into the pennant to type your letter. Hope that clears up the issue!

    • It’s already downloaded and it adjusts down when I enter the letter and then when I click enter the letter reverts back up. Not sure why :( It’s so pretty!

      • On the off-chance that the file got corrupted I have re-uploaded it to the site. See if it works now! No matter what I am determined to figure this out!

        • Michelle

          I re-downloaded and it’s still the same…maybe using a different browser/viewer? I’m using Firefox and Preview. Thank you for your help!

          • Firefox has been way buggy of late, I’ve stopped using it (despite it being my favorite). Try it with Safari or Chrome. I’m also going to forward it to some people to see if others are having the same issue.

  • p.s. I’ll also keep an eye on the comments to make sure everything’s hunky-dory with the files

  • Okay, I think I might have the answer! If you open it in Preview the letters definitely get cut off. But if you open it in Acrobat Reader, it should work. You can download Acrobat Reader for free here:

    • Granola

      Mine works OK in a new tab in Chrome, on a Mac – I just updated my OS to Lion, so that could also be the culprit, if the software is older.

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  • Kat

    Woot! Loving this! Will be making up batches of these!

  • Yay!! Getting married in 14 days and I really wanted a banner but had settled with the fact that I wont be having one because everything I liked was expensive (well for me) I cant wait to make some FREE banners! I will send a pic! =)

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  • bridetobe

    LOVE this. Made “the happy couple” banner for the reception and it looks awesome! We’re doing lots of lace and burlap, so I used twine to string it together and it goes perfectly. So easy! I even found a <3 symbol that worked in adobe and used that as the spacer. Thanks for the post!

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