How To: Geometric Hexagon Box Wedding Backdrop

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by Meg Keene, CEO & Editor-In-Chief

women kissing in front of diy hexagon wedding backdrop

Two weeks ago we started our large scale wedding backdrop series with a pretty awesome (but still pretty traditional) photo booth style backdrop. Lest you think we were going to play it safe with this series, last week we went a little bonkers with a surreal cloud backdrop that’s basically our most favorite project ever. But there’s a reason we flew our very own wedding designer Michelle Edgemont out from Brooklyn for these projects and that’s because girlfriend does colorful installation projects like nobody’s business. So in the third installment of this series, we asked Michelle to go to work on a big, bold, geometric wedding backdrop that pretty much negates the need for any other decor at your wedding (which is exactly how we like it.)


  • Easy to transport. This installation looks pretty impressive, but the hexagon boxes nest, so they only end up filling two very light boxes.
  • This is a no-brainer to create (if not to install). You buy every color paint in the store of your particular color (all the blues!) and then spend an afternoon with two friends painting and chatting.
  • So. Pretty. (And kind of impressive, too.)


  • To create this backdrop the way we did, you’ll need the ability to hang putty on the walls of your venue. This won’t damage the paint on the walls, but you’ll still need permission.
  • Installing the boxes takes someone with a little bit of an artistic eye (and an inspiration picture, so print one out). You’ll need an hour or two in your venue before the ceremony and a dedicated helper who is excited to take this on as a mini-artistic project.


If you don’t have permission to affix things to the walls of your venue, but you are in love with this project, there is a hack! You can buy a Pipe and Drape Backdrop ($139), then create this installation on one or more pieces of foamcore, which you can affix to your Pipe and Drape Backdrop with Gorilla Tape. You WILL need a vehicle large enough to transport your foam core, and you should use a heavy duty glue to stick the boxes to the foam core (no need to worry about damaging the paint, and you don’t want the boxes to fall off during travel). All that said—this is a pretty easy hack, and it would look pretty damn rad.

diy hexagon wedding backdrop


  • Hexagon Boxs, Set of 3: 18 sets (If Amazon has low stock, Walmart also carries them.)
  • Acrylic Paint: 2 ounce bottles, in every shade of the color you’re using you can get your hands on. We used about 20 bottles—I’m suggesting you slightly over buy, because running out sucks. (Hint: buy a large white paint as well, so you can dilute paints to get new colors.)
  • Foam Brush Set
  • UHU Tac Adhesive Putty: 8 packs. Overbuy, right? NOTE: We used regular poster putty and we found that the boxes randomly fell off the wall. Not ideal for the ceremony. UHU Tac is super strong, and should solve your problem. But whatever method you use (Command Strips are another, somewhat more expensive, option), test it on a wall at home first, especially if humidity is going to factor into your wedding.


TIME ESTIMATE: Painting will take an afternoon (with two friends), or a series of evenings on your own. Installation will take about an hour, but allow two.

diy hexagon wedding backdrop


1. Set aside roughly a third of your box sets (or six of them, if you’re using exactly our numbers) and leave them unpainted.

2. With the remaining twelve boxes, paint the insides (bottom and sides) in a variety of different shades of your color of choice. Paint the inside lids as well, but leave the lip of the lids unpainted (to mimic our exact look).

3. Let the boxes dry, and then nest them back together for transport.

4. Affix them to the wall at your venue, in a pattern with a variety of box density. We used regular poster putty to affix our boxes, but they fell down at random intervals. Since that’s not something you want happening at your ceremony, we’d reccomend that you use the super strong UHU Tac Adhesive Putty, or if you feel like splurging a bit, Command Strips. If you don’t need to worry about damaging paint, Gorilla Tape is also a pretty solid way to go.

5. GET EFFING MARRIED (in front of this awesomeness). Accept compliments with grace.

diy hexagon wedding backdrop

The Info:

Photography: Allison Andres for A Practical Wedding | Styling: Michelle Edgemont | Art Direction: Meg Keene for A Practical Wedding | Models: Janeen and Daniela of Darling Dear Photography | Hair & Makeup: Shana of Fox & Doll, San Francisco | Janeen’s Dress: Nicole Miller from The Wedding Party, Berkeley  | Daniela’s Tuxedo Pants: The Artful Gentleman, San Francisco

Meg Keene

Meg is the Founder and EIC of APW. She has written two best selling wedding books: A Practical Wedding and A Practical Wedding Planner. Meg has her BFA in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two children. For more than you ever wanted to know about Meg, you can visit #NASTY

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  • Carrie

    I might just put this up on a wall in my house for funsies. Y’all have been killing it with the backdrops lately.

    • Jules

      MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY. “Hmm, well, not having a wedding anytime soon….but the new apartment could use some jazzing up…”

  • Lauren from NH

    OMG I love it! And I am impressed how the unpainted cardboard looks like gold or a rustic brown, very versatile. I might be stealing this. I am going for a feel that is more modern and fun rather than a traditionally romantic wedding vibe. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

  • JDrives

    Love it! I first saw it on Instagram and I thought, “OMG is that stained glass?!”

  • KC


    (also: if you overbuy little acrylic paint bottles, keep the ones you don’t use segregated along with the receipt and you can return them, if it turns out to be worth it.)

    • Meg Keene

      My table is FULL of the ones that need to be returned. The problem is, at $.47/each, I feel like I’m going to loose money on the return. Because I’ll walk into Michaels and see something I want that costs more than the $5 I’m going to make. UGH.

      • KC

        Yes, that’s definitely the “if it’s worth it” part – I also have the “entrance fee” problem with fabric/craft/book stores… Just, should people not want to overbuy because they don’t want to “waste” money/space, the fact that hey, yes, you *can* return them is potentially one way to ameliorate that concern. :-)

        Also: if you have a somewhat anti-crafting partner, sometimes they will return things for you. Sometimes. And they don’t get trapped. :-)

        You can also sometimes donate this sort of “good” craft supplies to a) domestic violence shelters, b) schools/after-school programs, and c) community centers and “active living” retirement homes. So there’s that! Warm fuzzies plus no just-one-more-package-of-sequins-they’re-so-shiny-oooh-look-at-those-photo-albums problem. :-)

        • Meg Keene

          OMG! YOU ARE SO SMART. These are non-toxic! I can just give them to the kiddo’s school. They ALWAYS need more craft supplies. Hell. I could clean out the APW craft closet that way!

          • KC

            When in doubt, throw it out… when it’s too good to throw out… well, it doesn’t rhyme, but give it away. :-)

            (but have mercy on the APW craft closet and keep *some* glitter for emergencies! ;-) )

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  • Lawyerette510

    I’ll just put it out here, but I really love painting, so if any bay area brides need a hand, I’ll totally come over and paint hexagonal boxes while telling you you’re going to have an amazingly awesome wedding day. Because while I know I made the right decision not having any large-scale crafts for our wedding, I do regret the excuse to get-my-paint-on.

    Also, I’m 100% serious about helping someone in the bay (bonus points if you’re in Oakland and I can ride my bike to you).

    • ART

      I would show up with Lawyerette. Wedding craft pay-it-forward!

  • sweetpea89

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I could see this for sure at the wedding! :D

  • Laura A

    I LOVE this backdrop! So original and artistic.

  • Lindsay

    This is super fun! the colors are perfect :)

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  • Amyj

    This backdrop is GORGEOUS. I’m loving the blues as well. I’ll be having my wedding at a lakeside pavilion in Northern Michigan next June and it would be awesome to have this as our photo booth! Fantastic job! And I have to say since I started planning my wedding this website has been my #1 go to. Thank you for all the wonderfully practical ideas!

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  • Dee M.

    THIS!! Let me just say that I LOVE this. We don’t know where we are getting married. We can’t even narrow down WHEN we are getting married. We were supposed to be getting married in November then I got invited on a research cruise to the arctic circle, plus, my military brother couldn’t come anyways. So now, we are aiming for Next May? I would love to get married in my parents house and use this as the background. Absolutely love it. Plus, after your wedding, it can double as an AWESOME dining room/living room/any room decoration that will touch your heart every time you see it for the rest of time.

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  • Stacy {Woodsy Weddings}

    This is so fun! I’d love to see it on a rustic barn wall for a modern outdoor wedding.

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  • buttercup js

    You can order the hexagon paper mache boxes directly from DCC Crafts and you get a price break when you order 12+ units, cuts the price in half!

  • This is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen on the internet! I love it so much! Thank you for sharing. It’s definitely pinned.

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