Get Rich Slowly Feature

Wow… a big thank you to reader Rebecca who dropped me a line to let me know that A Practical Wedding was featured on the excellent finance blog Get Rich Slowly. Since personal finance is more of a passion for me than weddings, this was really a honor. The made-my-day quote?

It is unlikely that you will ever hear me utter these words again about a wedding-related site, but I could read A Practical Wedding for hours.

Awwwwww….. and thank you. I’m really sort of in shock over here!

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  • I’m glad GRS linked you up, otherwise I would have never found the blog. Read some of the backlog for good tips.

  • Congrats! That is really cool (coming from the girl who’s been in finance for 11 years).

  • Found you through GRS…am so glad I did! I’ve spent the entire afternoon reading back through your posts…so many great ideas. My Faves so far?…Cake Buffet…and Vintage Wedding.

  • Aimee

    This is fabulous, Meg! And it makes perfect sense (or cents? — har har)…

  • KatyDidCrafts

    I must admit that I sent J.D. at GRS the link to your site. I’m a daily reader of his blog. I’m just starting the planning process and have been totally disgusted by most of the sites out there. I’ve really had to rely on blogs for inspiration for weddings that won’t break our bank account.

    Since finding your blog, I’ve added you to my daily reading. Love it!

  • I found your blog through Get Rich Slowly too! I hope it brings you a lot of traffic. Congrats.

  • Wow, that’s awesome.

    You know, I’ve seen “Father of the Bride” a few times and I cringe everytime the mom and daughter make these expensive plans and Steve Martin cringes. His wife just brushes him off and says “Oh, we can afford it” — but seriously, you can tell that he’s uncomfortable spending that money. And all of the stress with the little details? I saw it recently and I immediately thought of your blog and how you don’t have to go overboard in order to have a nice wedding. Poor Steve Martin couldn’t even enjoy his daughter’s wedding. Wasn’t there a part that he was so busy he didn’t get to dance with her?

    Anyway, keep the updates coming!

  • congrats! you’re fabulous! what a sweet note!

  • Like the others, I checked out your blog because of the GRS post. So glad he linked to you because your blog is great! Also, it sounds like you’re from the Inland Empire (where I live now). Do you have any good wedding connections down here?

  • Liz

    I too found you through GRS!
    Am thoroughly enjoying catching up on the back posts and your dailies :)

  • Hey! That’s how I found you, too :) I’m glad he posted about you b/c I’m really enjoying your blog so far.