Gift Guide #6: For Your Husband Who Loves Whisky (And Drag Queens)

Whisky, snazzy clothing, and a whole lotta love

Linkwood Twelve year old—Flora and Fauna ($86.30) AND ABERLOUR A’BUNADH ($66.99)

I’ve always been terrible at describing my husband, David, in print. I get it so wrong that when Maddie met David, she told me she was half expecting one of the yuppie kids from Pretty In Pink to show up (he does appreciate well-made clothing). Thankfully, she couldn’t have been further from the truth, and he’s now one of her favorite people in the world—somewhere well after our sass-pot of a child. It’s sort of embarrassing, as a writer, to not be able to get your husband down on paper, but maybe it’s better that way. He prefers to be an enigma, and he really prefers to be nothing but a two-dimensional character on APW. Fair enough, I guess. However, today I’m going to try to do him justice in the form of a gift roundup.

This is for my husband, who loves jokes so over the line they make me gasp, expensive whisky, cheap dive bars, drag queens (I can’t explain this; it’s possibly a professional theatre kid thing), fancy electronics, serious cooking, and, most recently, being a dad.

TOP PHOTO Whisky, because that’s an every-time present. Aberlour A’Bunadh, aged in sherry casks, happens to be a household favorite ($66.99), and Linkwood Twelve Year Old—Flora and Fauna, because we bought it on our honeymoon in Scotland, and our bottle is now empty. ($86.30)

ONE An iPhone case Hemingway would love. Last year, when money was really tight, I scrimped and saved to get David this. It was the hit of the year. (€54.00, worth shipping from The Netherlands)

TWO Shun Classic Asian Chef’s Knife, because after me and the baby, he’d probably grab his knives next, in case of a fire. ($134.95)

THREE Zadie Smith’s Changing My Mind because she’s his favorite author, and her writing is like music. ($15.30)

FOUR Hedwig and the Angry Inch tickets, on Broadway with Neal Patrick Harris. Because it’s his favorite musical of all time, and he’s devastated that we probably won’t see it. (Starts at $47)

FIVE Some slim fit shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt, and while we’re at it, some ties (a mix of bright color and classic, obvs). If you’ve ever been to London, you will have noticed that the men dress better. It’s not magic, it’s clothes that effing fit. These English shirts make him look like a banker in The City (in a hot way). ($69)

SIX Google Chromecast, for streaming all the wonder of the internet onto the TV. ($35)

Seven A family session with an APW sponsor (I’m not going to lie, we’ve indulged in SEVERAL this year, they usually give you a few hours of time and a ton of breathtaking images for something like $300, and it feels criminal), and then a photo of him and the baby in a frame for his desk at work.

EIGHT Tickets to London, because it’s his favorite place, and that’s all he ever wants.

Nine NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar, 2014. Your move, David. ($14.99)

And date night. Always date night.

Photo of London: From a 1939 schoolbook, reproduced under Creative Commons 2.0

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  • Laura C

    Oh, my, that is quite a sale at Charles Tyrwhitt. That may just be the answer.

    • Laura C

      But if I buy him four shirts, as I am so tempted to do, that definitely blows my budget and I’ll be left wishing I’d also gotten a tie and who knows what else. Hmmm.

      • Laura C

        Answer: Only three shirts! The ones most on sale! And then I will pretend I only spent half what I did, and get him something else as well.

        • Meg Keene

          Pretending is key. That’s how David got the iPhone case last year.

  • emilyg25

    Shun knives, ftw! I’d always been a Wusthof girl but bought my guy a Shun when we were dating since he prefers Santoku-style knives. Gorgeous and SHARP. I use it all the time now!

  • KristenForever

    Hedwig on Broadway is on my bucket list.

  • M.

    Yamazaki 12 has also been well received in our household!

  • Sarah

    These are basically all of the presents that my fiance would love. I already got his christmas present (an engagement ring! from turtlelove!) but, I book marked this for his birthday, which is in February. Thanks! I’m pretty much probably going to get him those Hedwig tickets. What’s better than drag queens and Neil Patrick Harris? Basically nothing.

    • Meg Keene

      Exactly. Basically nothing. Unless the show was in London, I guess.

  • Elena

    I am super bummed that the NYC Taxi Driver Calendar is sold out. I would have gotten that in a hot minute for approximately half the peeps on my Christmas list.

    • Meg Keene

      WHUT? The baby was getting it for his (gay male) babysitter. Now I’m just pissed.

      • KC

        I think this clearly indicates some protocol for next year’s gift lists (hoping you’ll do this again next year?): purchase intended items, *then* post about them online for APW readers to slurp up. ;-)

  • lady brett

    well, this simplifies things. i’ll just send folks here when they ask what i want. or give them the short version: whisky and drag queens.

    • Meg Keene

      Who doesn’t want that, really?

  • Superfantastic

    As if I didn’t love APW enough already, you’ve just solved my husband’s birthday for me. (It’s in March. When you live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you have to do your online shopping early.) He’s been wanting a sport coat and I had no idea where to start. At Charles Tyrwhitt, obviously, where they are currently on sale.

  • Price of Tea

    Is it weird that I find that taxi driver kind of attractive??

  • Laura

    This is my favorite roundup so far. I am loving how all of these roundups mix useful, meaningful, and fun items (sometimes all in one). Love the tickets to London. I am thinking tickets to anywhere we love + a session with an APW sponsor who lives there (Chicago?) because, well, there aren’t any APW sponsors who are located in Topeka currently (however I will be discussing the site and sending my vendors the APW link in hopes to expand the APW vendor pool).

  • Alyssa M

    So totally buying knives for FH birthday! Already got him a pretty awesome Molecular Cooking set from thinkgeek for Christmas, but so many great ideas! I’ll have to save this post.

  • blimunda

    “it’s possibly a professional theatre kid thing”

    Yes! My partner is an actor (even if he doesn’t act anymore, I’ve actually never seen him on stage :( ) and he would die to play Frank-n-Furter. He has a long beard. Wouldn’t it be awesome??

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