See It, Do It: Glitter Welcome Signs

Glitter Welcome Sign | A Practical Wedding

The only downside to creating wedding decor with glitter is that if it’s not contained, you kind of end up with glitter… everywhere. Which is great if you don’t mind walking around looking like you make your home in Pixie Hollow (me). But I’m still getting side-eye from Michael whenever he finds a speck of glitter in his car from our last APW tutorial shoot, so I’m guessing I’m in the minority there.

The answer?

Glitter Welcome Sign | A Practical WeddingGlitter Welcome Sign | A Practical Wedding

Glitter + Frames = Sparkle That Won’t leave with your guests

To create these welcome signs, place vinyl letter stickers on simple gold frames, then spray both the glass and letters with spray adhesive and pour glitter over everything. When the adhesive and glitter are mostly dry, remove the letters and ta-da, you have a sign! For a more colorful sign, paint the other side of the glass with colored paint. Now, let’s say you want a totally self-contained glitter creation? Print backwards letters on sticker sheets like these ones, and do all your glittering on the inside of the glass. Paint the back of the frame, and surprise! Glitter that won’t go home with your guests.

Disclaimer: while the finished product boasts the option of being a self-contained glitter masterpiece, the process… well, as Rachel said, “Get used to finding glitter everywhere. Or, I guess I should say, it’s really easy as long as you’re down with blowing glitter out of your nose a week later.”

Glitter welcome signs from Rachel & George’s wedding, photo by Hart & Sol West

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