How To: DIY a Gold Leafed Short Hair Style

It pays to have a pixie cut

DIY Gold leaf short hair style

It may not look like it now, but once upon a time (before this massive pile of curls) I had a super minimal haircut. Lots was happening: gender things and traveling things and not-wanting-to-deal-with-deep-conditioning things. For the most part, having a short hair style was awesome. The only issue was that as soon as I had to start thinking about getting fancy, I’d panic. It took a whole pack of bobby pins for me to make an updo that felt presentable. Instead of turning myself into helmet-head, I’d generally just slick it back and opt for big earrings or get a little heavy handed with the faerie dust eyeshadow. While those were both totally legitimate sparkle and shine options, I had never stopped to consider the possibility of making my hair, itself, be the gilded object of attention. At least, not till I saw the photos from this jaw-dropping wedding. (See a little preview above!)

DIY Gold leaf short hair style

I absolutely had to know how that gold leaf was just… floating in Lilly’s hair. That’s when magician stylist Teri Anne from The Cutlery offered APW a peek behind the curtain, so I could see how the look came to be (and share it with you!). Turns out, Lilly had been inspired by some gold leaf short hair shots on Pinterest, and asked Teri if she knew how to work that into the wedding look. Luckily, Teri’s also a makeup artist, and after a bit of experimentation, they struck gold! (Don’t mind the puns.) So now, I humbly present, instructions for a gold leafed do for pixie hair that stays put, even with a little wild dancing. For the product junkies in the house, we’ve even included the products Teri used to get Lilly’s hair ready.


DIY Gold leaf short hair style


1. Lightly hairspray the area to be covered in gold leaf.

2. Apply a small amount of eyelash glue to the area where gold leaf is to be placed.

3. Tear a small piece of gold leaf off and lightly place on your hair. Pro tip: Use the back of a makeup brush to break up the gold leaf.

4. Continue application until you create a design you think is awesome.

5. Finish with light spray to hold all that shine in place!

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  • laddibugg

    Does this just wash out?

    I have short curtly natural hair and I always flail about when it’s time to get fancy.

    • Maddie Eisenhart

      Yeah, eyelash glue is meant to adhere to your skin right near your eyes, so it’s not going to be any kind of permanent. But you an also get special eyelash glue remover if you want to be extra sure.

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  • Emily

    This could be really cool in a long-hair updo too…like I am envisioning a twist with gold flake peaking out and around, if that makes any sense

  • pajamafishadventures

    I’ve been growing my hair out for my friend’s wedding. I’ve had short(er) hair most of my life and missed out on all my fancy updo occasions (while everyone else got magnificent curls and pinups for prom, the most the hairdresser could manage for me was a half-french twist). So of course right now bridesmaid= going against all my personal comforts for a year so that I. Can. Updo!!!!

    But this? This is absolute perfection! I think I want this more than I want to make up my missed-out updo (granted I’ve spent so long growing this gd hair I can’t quit now, but my next fancy event? Gold leafing it!)

  • laurasmash

    This is really cool. Yay for more options for short-haired ladies! Perfect timing for me, I just cut my asymmetrical short hairstyle into a full pixie on Saturday :D

  • I think this is really cool, and there are very few things that can’t be improved by being gilded. I also think you need to be careful with this, because if the flakes aren’t artfully placed, this look could easily go to a golden dandruff kind of place.

  • shiny gold leaf! and a pixie cut! AMAZING.

  • NB

    I’m just popping in to say that the prospect of gold-leafed-hair-do made me actually squeal in giddy joy, right here in my staid, boring, entirely un-gold-leafed office (lame.) I did not know that this was A Thing, and I am SO excited.

  • J bor

    i really enjoyed the modern hair sister did the same hairdo for my wedding and i simply fell in love with it. also if any of you are looking for some help on purchasing a pocket friendly engagenment ring call my buddy joseph at 212 391 1888 he ships internationaly.

  • Sara P

    Any idea what that clip is that’s holding that little bit of veil in her hair? I just (somewhat impulsively) cut my hair into a shaggy sort of pixie, and that looks perfect…

    • Sarah E

      It looks like just a couple bobbypins, in colors that blend well with her hair color

    • Lilly B

      There are bobbypins holding the veil in my hair, and then I made another clip (seen in the first picture at the top) with a broach that TIm had given me as a gift a couple years back that I wore on the wedding day.

      • Sara P

        Thanks! It looked great :).

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