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Let me sum up my life* for you right now in a nutshell: Every third second I think about how excited I am to be married. Sock monkey Christmas trees? Excited to be married. Pretty house remodels? Excited to be married. Cute babies? Excited to be married. Pretty plates that are coming in as gifts? Excited to be married. Funny jokes that people tell me? David’s funny! Excited to be married.

Sometimes, when I drift off to sleep I think of the wedding, and my dress, and a toast I might give, and I think about how excited I am for the wedding. But honestly, I have a hard time imagining what the wedding will feel like and I know that however it feels, it will be short. So mostly, I’m just excited about the rest of my life.


*besides the fact that from now until the wedding, I work basically all-the-d*mn-time. No joke.

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