An Elopement In Grand Central Terminal

Getting married, New York City style

Jamie, Arts Marketer & Josh, User Experience Designer

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: Our wedding was a vibrant, contemporary, rule-breaking celebration full of love and laughter.

Soundtrack for reading: “Who” by David Byrne & St. Vincent

Other Cool Stuff We Should Know About

Josh and I met and fell in love while we were both living in Brooklyn back in 2010. We’ve since relocated to my hometown of Pittsburgh, but New York will always hold a special place in our hearts. It was an obvious destination for our itty-bitty wedding. Both my parents and grandparents eloped, and I always felt that a big white wedding wasn’t in the cards for me. While our non-traditional choices caused moments of anxiety and self-doubt during the planning phases, our wedding day went beautifully: we were married in a secular pop-up ceremony, partied late into the night with our very closest family and friends, and had enough money left over to take an extended honeymoon throughout Egypt!

Favorite Thing About the Wedding

It was amazing to have the city itself as the backdrop to our wedding. Throughout the day, dozens of tourists, travelers, museum guards, photographers, bartenders, bouncers, shopkeepers, and passers-by clapped, cheered, and congratulated us. (Josh pointed out that actually getting married was pretty rad, too!)


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  • H

    Not really sure where to post this, but a bunch of pretty stuff is missing today. I’m using Safari version 7.0.3 on a Mac, and all of the pretty pink letters that start off posts, and a bunch of the titles on the main page are gone.

    • Meg Keene

      Try a shift refresh or two.

  • StevenPortland

    The photos of you, with NYC as the background, are amazing. Love the cake topper, too!

  • JDrives

    I like to think that in another life/parallel universe, there is a JDrives planning a super small, super rad elopement like this one. It doesn’t quite fit our reality right now (pretty large and closeknit family, a big raucous group of friends with whom we love to party and can’t imaging celebrating without), but I feel such twinges of awe/envy/excitement when I see tiny, awesome weddings such as this. Cheers, Jamie and Josh, and thank you for sharing this lovely celebration with us!

    • jamienil

      Thanks, and best of luck with your big wedding!

  • Ally

    This “…had enough money left over to take an extended honeymoon throughout Egypt!” and that cape are SO awesome. Well done and congrats!!

    • jamienil

      Thank you!

  • Sara

    Of course your whole wedding is just gorgeous, but I currently obsessing over your coat. I want it! Basically your whole wedding outfit is to die for.
    And Egypt is pretty awesome. Hope you had fun! I lived in Cairo for a while and really loved it.

    • jamienil

      Thanks, it was a lucky find! And Egypt was amazing – I cried when we had to leave!

    • Alyssa M

      So it’s not quite the same, but my FMIL actually made me a coat very similar to that and said it was super easy to make. She’s calls it a poncho (although that’s not what I think when I see it) so if you can sew/are interested in making one maybe look for a ‘poncho’ pattern?

      • Sara

        Unfortunately, my sewing skills are currently sub-par, but I guess that gives me another reason to learn! :)

  • Your cape! And it’s a winter wedding! I love it!!

  • River

    Ahhhh!!!! This is so gorgeous and happy-looking. It has all of the warm and cozy vibes I associate with winter weddings. Also, I’m obsessed with your headpiece/cape combo. Super rad.

    This post just makes me feel all fuzzy inside! Z proposed to me this December in GCT, so I have super romantic associations with that spot during the winter. His best friend hid in the crowd and took photos, here’s the most anonymous pic (we’re kissing so you can’t see our faces).

  • scw

    seriously beautiful shots/wedding! I love the photo on the subway! we’re not getting married in the city we love (Philadelphia) because a venue in my hometown fell into our laps, and one of the things that bums me out most is not getting those great city shots.

  • Ariel

    Where did you get that cake topper? I love it!

    • jamienil

      Thanks! It’s from iheartflags on etsy:
      It was only $14 – my bff carried the topper in her purse, and we picked up the cake from the bakery and stuck it in just before dinner!

      • Ariel

        And they come in gold glitter! Sold! Thanks so much!

  • Sarah

    Such beautiful photos! The first and last ones are particularly adorable. Congratulations!
    Also, clearly I need to visit New York at Christmas time *sigh*