An Elopement In Grand Central Terminal

Getting married, New York City style

Jamie, Arts Marketer & Josh, User Experience Designer

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: Our wedding was a vibrant, contemporary, rule-breaking celebration full of love and laughter.

Soundtrack for reading: “Who” by David Byrne & St. Vincent

Other Cool Stuff We Should Know About

Josh and I met and fell in love while we were both living in Brooklyn back in 2010. We’ve since relocated to my hometown of Pittsburgh, but New York will always hold a special place in our hearts. It was an obvious destination for our itty-bitty wedding. Both my parents and grandparents eloped, and I always felt that a big white wedding wasn’t in the cards for me. While our non-traditional choices caused moments of anxiety and self-doubt during the planning phases, our wedding day went beautifully: we were married in a secular pop-up ceremony, partied late into the night with our very closest family and friends, and had enough money left over to take an extended honeymoon throughout Egypt!

Favorite Thing About the Wedding

It was amazing to have the city itself as the backdrop to our wedding. Throughout the day, dozens of tourists, travelers, museum guards, photographers, bartenders, bouncers, shopkeepers, and passers-by clapped, cheered, and congratulated us. (Josh pointed out that actually getting married was pretty rad, too!)


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