The Great Wedding Dress Hack

Reader Bridget sent me a budget wedding dress story that was so good it needed its own post. Bridget fell in love with and Amsale dress that was, errrr, a little pricey.
Since she wanted to send her kids to college one day, she decided to skip the crazy expensive dress. Instead she bought a simple J Crew wedding dress, which she found on ebay for just $71.
But she wasn’t done yet! Bridget took her new simple dress to a seamstress, and told her to “hack this dress,” and the seamstress added the details she loved.
The total cost of her dress was $471. She got exactly what she wanted, found a creative and affordable way to do it, and saved a small fortune. As far as I’m concerned, this story lands Bridget on the Practical Wedding wall of fame for doing something so clever and determined. I like my brides with chutzpa, thank you very much.
And don’t tell Amsale, but I like this dress is better! It’s simple, it’s chic, and its got soul.

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