Irene & Bob

* Irene, Non-profit Manager & Bob, Freelance Computer Security Consultant/Ethical Hacker * Photographer: Zachary Hunt * Soundtrack for reading: “Gimme All Your Lovin‘” by Whiskey Shivers

The Info—PhotographyZachary Hunt / Venue: Springdale Farm / Food: Provided by East Side King, Franklin’s BBQ, and Torchy’s Tacos all served on serpentine tables wrapped around a lit up pecan tree / Music: The Inheritance & Whiskey ShiversLimo Company (haha yeah right): Austin Bike Zoo (handmade multi seat bikes in the shape of insects and reptiles)* / Bride’s Dress: The Cotton Bride / Bride’s Shoes: Vibram FiveFingers Speed / Groom’s Threads: Custom made linen/silk pants that were made in Thailand when we did our pre-honeymoon earlier this year. Shirt was also from Thailand adventure. / Desserts: Rustic display of pies and cobblers and sweet thangs provided by friends

*I was brought to the venue on the serpent being ridden by my father and three brothers and surrounded by 30 members of our bike gang.

Other cool stuff we should know about: I never really considered doing anything traditional, and the traditional elements that came out did so because they naturally made sense for Bob and me. We homemade as much as we could: our invitations were from recycled Whole Food bags; we collected egg shells from our four chickens (who we are obsessed with) over a nine month period and every time we cracked the egg we cracked it so we retained as much of the egg as possible and then dyed those eggshells many different colors and made confetti, candles, votive, strings of eggs, hanging mobiles, and other multi-colored egg-citing decorations; we brought back from Thailand some really cool geodesic lanterns and multi-colored twine balls for Christmas lights that were a big hit; we hung probably 400 feet of multi-colored tulle and ribbon all over the farm from trees and fences that blew in the wind throughout the ceremony and evening; we made a carnival-style light up sign with our names that shone all night and made me smile so big every time I looked at it; we had “flower” girls who wore homemade tutus and “pretzel” boys who wore colored ties around their heads with feathers sticking out who threw colored eggs along the aisles and then smashed them as they marched/danced on, so we had a multi-colored walk to enter the ceremony; we played a made up game that was basically a bastardized version of capture the flag/freeze tag with frisbees and the live Bluegrass band starting and stopping the music; we made a huge Jenga set that I sanded and colored and we used as our guest book and we will have for years to come… can’t wait for our kids to use it as blocks; and….

Favorite thing about the wedding: The Bike Posse/Bike Gang. We each got got ready at separate houses. At the departure time, I boarded the Austin Bike Zoo serpent with my father and three brothers, and we had a bunch of our friends (about ten) meet at the house. We rode to a specified meeting corner to connect with Bob and the rest of the gang (another fifteen or so) to form the biggest and best Wedding Bike Gang ever. We all biked the remaining mile as a posse to the farm and joined everyone else, as well as the two Austin Bike Zoo Butterflies and scary red-eyed Bat. It was so wonderful a) to see the other “Bob” bike gang from a distance come over the horizon (my heart fluttered), b) to take over the streets with our mini critical mass, c) to have so many I loved share something that both Bob and I love so much and is such a ginormous part of our lives (biking), and d) to bike down the long mulch path of the farm through fields of okra and other late summer veggies to beautiful scenery, libations, and acoustic music, where everyone else was waiting and clapping and so excited to see us (and vice versa).

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: Super homemade, uber-colorful, personality-enhanced, deliciously-tasty, rip-roaring farm showdown with a bonus bike gang.

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  • KC

    I love all the color!!! It feels so inspiring and happy!

  • RachelC

    wow wow wow wow wow wow wow. Unbelievably cool wedding!!!!!!!!!! I’m so jelly.

  • Shayna

    This wedding had me at “Torchy’s Tacos.”

  • Wow. And the bride wore Vibrams… Love this.

  • I find your use of the term “wordless” in this post suspect…

    But this is a gorgeous wedding, and you’re SO right that you have to put on the soundtrack for these posts.

  • i love love love this wedding. the first makeup photo is awesome. and i’m a fan of some bike love.

  • Paige

    I’ve never commented before, but I feel the need to come out of the shadows to tell you how amazing your wedding looked (I want to play the game you invented!) and how much fun and personality there was. It sounds like SO much fun and I wish I could have been there.

  • I don’t always feel this way when I look at wedding photos, but: I *so* wish I’d been there!

  • Your wedding looks like it must have been so much fun.

  • The soundtrack makes it.

  • Bike Posse/Bike Gang = AWESOME

  • Becky2

    I hope you’re okay if I shamelessly steal your midway-lights-spelling-our-names idea. I love your philosophy of doing what feels right and letting the rest sort itself out. This is a common sentiment on APW, but you really lived it! Awesome!

  • LPC

    Favorite. Ever.

  • Ohmyword looks so much fun!

  • Liz

    This is the awesomest awesome that ever awesomed.

  • Hoppy Bunny

    That first photo kills me. I hope my sister and I have a moment where she straddles me to help me figure out how eyeliner works on my wedding day ;D

  • Loooved this wedding and enjoyed the photographs!