Kate & Kevin’s Hip, Approachable San Francisco Wedding

* Kate (APW Copy Editor/Graphic Design Student) & Kevin (Audio Engineer) * Photographer: One Love Photo * Soundtrack for reading: Zoe Keating “Escape Artist” *

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The Info—Ceremony VenueSt. Ignatius ChurchReception Venue: ThirstyBear Brewing CompanyDress: Kate’s maternal grandmother’s graduation gown / Kate’s Shoes: Sale rack at Macy’s / Tux: Men’s Wearhouse / Flowers: Lila B Design (A Green Wedding Business) / Photography: One Love Photo (Meg’s Photographers)

Other cool stuff: We wanted to keep our wedding as green as possible, so in addition to supporting small and local vendors, we encouraged our guests to take public transportation across town to our reception location. We assigned friends familiar with the bus system as Bus Leaders, made tour guide pennants for them to carry, and gave them all enough one dollar bills to get our guests tickets. And, bonus, I got to ride a bus in my wedding dress.

One sentence sum up the wedding vibe: Ours was a joyful, hip, approachable San Francisco wedding.

Favorite thing about the wedding: I know I’m not the first (or last) to say it, but seeing everyone we love come together was my favorite thing about the wedding. The majority of our guests had to travel significant distances, and it was strongly emotional for me to feel so loved and so supported by our vast community. It was tangible, and writing about this even a year later makes my heart sing.

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  • Beautiful dress :) The cake looks super delicious ! And I love love love your photos at the bus. (Though at first sight I thought it was a tramway).
    Congratulations !!!

  • Sarah

    Love all of this, but especially the dress and the shoes! Oh, and a pool playing bride – brilliant!

    • We did this too! Man it was awesome :) Great to see we arent the only nutters out there doing such things!

  • Oh my. The dress, the flowers (!!!!), the bus…. this is the best wedding ever. I like Kate even more now than I did yesterday. :)

    Also, the soundtrack? How have I never noticed that part before? Overeager to get to the pretty, I suppose. Well, it’s awesome.

    • I never utilized the soundtrack either, but it was AWESOME. Such a neat song – and it added an incredible layer of depth

    • meg

      I keep TELLING YOU GUYS, the soundtrack makes it.

      • FawMo

        I loved that we got a WW hint yesterday so I could prioritize my blog reading at the office this morning. ;)

  • Katherine

    So unbelievably gorgeous! All of it! All of you and your loved ones!

  • Es.tr

    Yes!! Love the bus. I’m planning to catch the train to our wedding. This confirms my instinct that it will make for awesome pics!!

    • Do it! We took the Metro to ours. It was fun and the pictures are fun… it was also really funny seeing other people’s reactions to us in our wedding attire (some just looked confused, some clapped, almost all grinned)!

  • Love it! I wish that I could have worn a dress of my grandmothers- how fantastic! Great photos and happy couple. Heart pennant flags – I’m in!

  • The dress was a graduation gown?? SO GORGEOUS. SO SO GORGEOUS. My mother offered hers to me – but it was so very 80s with puffy long sleeves and a collar and juuusssttttt… no. But if her dress looked like THAT? Wow.

    • Agreed. That dress is AMAZING. I was so excited to see who made it so I could look at their dress collection : ) Tricked me!

      • meg

        Well, Kate didn’t mention it, but she and her mom modified it so it would work. They are talented.

        • Either way – I promise no amount of modification could have fixed my mom’s 80s nightmare of a dress ;)

          Still gorgeous.

  • Carissa

    Holy smokes! What an amazing graduation gown!!

  • Erica

    Yay for the bus! You look smashing, also.

  • Jen M

    That was a graduation dress??? I wish life were still that fancy….

    • Kate

      Right? I’d been literally dreaming of wearing that dress since 7th grade.

      Oh, Mid-century America. There was so much wrong, but then, some things were so right.

  • Cassandra

    The bus pictures! That’s totally going to be us, since we live in a big city and I hate driving and the boy can’t. Gorgeous! And that dress is pretty amazing.

  • What a beautiful wedding! I love the colors of the flowers–they’re so bright and cheerful and yet not in-your-face. Also, Kate and Kevin just look so happy; these pictures make me smile.

  • Jo

    Love. Just love it all.

    And I am really excited to discover Zoe Keating. So beautiful!

  • I love the mass transit best of all. I wish we had busses in my little town. Folks have to drive perhaps a mile between the ceremony and the reception, and that makes me really sad.

  • Love! Couple are cute, filled with love and smiles, the dress is awesome, the public transport I love at weddings and your right the song makes it!


  • Purple shoes! A girl after my own heart. I love them. I love the dress. I love your so-not-white cake–every girl deserves a serious serving of chocolate on her wedding day.

    I especially love the flowers. The colors are so close to what we had at my wedding. Tell me you got married Labor Day weekend and I’ll be convinced we’re wedding soulmates.

    Your church and soundtrack are hauntingly beautiful.

    Congratulations and thank you for Tuesday eye candy.

    Back to work now, I promise.

    • meg

      They had a white cake too. The one in the picture is the groom’s cake. A friend made it, and for some reason the decorations didn’t show up, so I stole a bunch of flowers and decorated it at the reception (pretty, no?) Which is why I included a picture.

      • I’m loving the spun sugar “fence” on that cake. What a great idea!

        • Oh, and the flowers are lovely :)

      • Other Katelyn

        THE CAKE <3 Meg, you did a lovely job decorating it– I'm saving this post for cake inspiration.

      • Kate

        We called the chocolate cake “the other wedding cake” because we were equally excited about both. And both were AMAZING. Delicious cake is always a priority in my life.

    • Kate

      We got married June 25, 2010, but we may still be wedding soulmates. We had many (awesome) conversations with our florist about the colors and flowers choices for the bouquets. It was really fun!

  • Moz

    Kate your dress rules! And your photos are amazing :)

  • So, so beautiful — and I love that you have the grand beautiful ceremony and the so fun bus and pool playing, all together. Also, the music? omg omg. I just went and bought the album. Thank you for sharing!

  • Suzanna

    So much to love here, but especially this: as a bride who is currently scouring the entire Bay Area for a church w/in walking distance of a reception venue (preferrably a Chinese banquet), I LOVE that you sent everyone on Muni with Bus Leaders. That really frees up my thinking.

    • Kate

      Our original plan was to have a cake and champagne reception at a walkable cafe (we even put down a deposit!), but then we realized we’d have to cut down on our guest list in order for people to fit. Obviously, the people were more important, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

      I truly empathize! It can be challenging to simplify in the Bay Area!

  • Lovely! (And whoa, grandma had taste. That dress!!!)

    Thanks for the introduction to Zoe Keating… I feel like I now need to listen to everything she’s ever created.

  • What a gorgeous wedding! I LOVE that you took the bus. That rocks.

  • So gorgeous! I love the pool shots and there’s so much joy and warmth throughout. That last kissing on the train shot is perfection!

  • Also, I love Zoe Keating. We had her on our wedding iPod playlist.

  • I was thinking how fun you guys must be while going through all of the pictures (especially the ones of Kate playing pool), and then I got to the shoes. Gorgeous! And purple. Yes.
    I love the Bus Leaders’ flags, and Meg’s giant grin (as a guest) says it all!

  • Tre-bey

    holy style! pennants? PENNANTS!!! perfect bells just went off in my head. very attached to the idea of all that love waving at you two.

    and the imagination and depth of wearing your grandmother’s graduation gown floored me. congratulations on your marriage and thank you for sharing.