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How To Make A Backdrop Anywhere

In the last of the guerilla wedding decoration series, we tackle the most traditional spot for a public space wedding: in front of a big ass tree. While trees are beautiful on their own, adding some pops of color are a-okay by me.

The supplies you’ll need to gather: around 30 pieces of 12” x 12” colorful cardstock, a large bowl (or something large that’s round. Or even a compass), a pencil, some scissors, clear monofilament string, and strong tape. Start by tracing the bowl onto the cardstock to create a large circle. Cut out the circle. Do this on all 30 pieces of your brightly colored cardstock. Bring these circles with you to that perfect tree you’ll be getting married under. Starting in the middle of the trunk, tape the circles to the tree in a random pattern. Layer them on top of each other and try not to put two of the same color next to each other. After the first layer of circles is taped on, secure them to the tree with the monofilament by tying a large piece around the trunk. This is just an extra layer of protection against wind. Color up the string with more circles. Keep taping on circles until you are happy with the end result. It helps to stand back a few feet every now and then to take a look at your progress.

Now, get married in front of your easy, DIY backdrop. Here, Amber is showing where she would stand if she was officiating a wedding. Oh, you didn’t know that Amber was ordained? Well, she is. Because she’s awesome.

Photos by Monica of Hart & Sol East, Crafting and Graphic Design by Michelle Edgemont, with Crafting Assistance by Amber Marlow

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