How To Make Flour Hearts Anywhere

So, you’re getting married outside in a large park that your guests might not be familiar with. On your invites, tell them to “follow the hearts” to your ceremony, then whip together this easy DIY. Or, don’t, and place the hearts in a random pattern around your ceremony or reception spot. Or, do a shape other than hearts. Stars. Or polka-dots. Or something really bad ass. We’re not saying you’re heart kind of people, necessarily. Use this technique and make something awesome.

You’re going to need basic, white baking flour, powdered food coloring, a flour sifter, a mixing bowl and spoon, a large piece of cardboard, a pen, scissors, and plastic baggies. Save yourself a few pennies and buy the cheapest flour you can find. I have a serious baking store here in NYC where I bought the powdered food coloring, but you can also get it online here.

Mix together some food coloring and some flour. Slowly add more food coloring until you achieve the level of color you want. Transfer the colored flour to plastic bags for easy transport. This step can be done months before your wedding.

Draw a huge heart on your cardboard and cut it out to create a stencil. On the day of your wedding, lay the heart stencil on the ground and slowly sift the colored flour over it. Carefully lift the stencil and move it to the next spot you’d like your hearts. Here, I made a heart path, but try a cluster or just a spattering of colored hearts.

Oh, and good news, NO CLEAN UP. Flour is natural, you’re not using very much of it, and it’s going to be scattered and gone like magic.

Photos by Monica of Hart & Sol East, Crafting and Graphic Design by Michelle Edgemont, with Crafting Assistance by Amber Marlow

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