How’s THIS for a Homemade Wedding Dress?

A classic yet cool DIY San Francisco wedding in a historic Victorian


Constance, Nonprofit Communications Director & Dylan, TV Writer

SUM-UP OF THE WEDDING VIBE: Dude, we’re married! or Historic treasure plays backdrop to ultimate love fest

SOUNDTRACK FOR READING: “Everlasting Light” by The Black Keys (sung by bride’s mother and aunts)



The ceremony, without question! Holding my husband’s hand and turning to look out and wave at our loved ones. Or when our dog Lola went down the aisle, squealed, and came running back up the stairs to me and my dad.


Our families were intimately involved in the wedding. My husband’s mom was the officiant and did an incredible job creating the most “us” ceremony possible filled with Cheryl Strayed wisdom and many laughs. My aunt and his uncle spoke and our dear college friend interjected with a monologue from Frida during the “speak now or forever hold your peace” segment. Everyone except for us was shocked. The looks on everyone’s faces was priceless.

My favorite part of the day was being at the altar, holding my husband’s hands and looking out and waiving out at our 130 nearest and dearest. My mom made my dress, the tablecloths and decorative pillows. My sister made our “Dude, we’re married” banner. My aunts and mom sang as I walked down the aisle and during the ceremony in tribute to our relatives who are no longer with us. After the ceremony, my aunt and cousins played music that is special to me and my childhood, and everyone danced. I come from a very musical family, and it was important to incorporate that into all aspects of the day.

The wedding was supposed to take place in a backyard where our photographers, Helena and Laurent, actually got married in Bernal Heights, but it fell through three months before the day. I was panicking as everything had been planned for an outdoor affair—paella, custom bench cushions and pillows my mom worked day and night to create, and decor. After a moment of panic, I called my former boss at San Francisco Heritage, and it was decided—we’d get married at the historic 1889 Haas-Lilienthal House in Pacific Heights. I worked there for two years while in grad school and knew the house like the back of my hand. It was better than we could have every planned and truly worked out exactly as it should have been all along. It was so personal, intimate, and simply comfortable. We got to share a special place with everyone important in our lives. Our wedding coordinator Freida Neiman rocked.


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