Happiness, Celebration, & Wiggling Toes In The Sand

Ok. Because I am the luckiest girl in the world, lots of you send me thank you notes. You send me thank you notes all the time, but the ones I love the best are these, “I’m working on completing a mound of thank you notes in the aftermath of our August 14th wedding and it didn’t feel right not to include you in the gratitude fest.” Awwww, right? Anyway, Britta sent me that little note yesterday, with a few sneak peaks of her wedding shot by APW sponsor and wedding elf Christina Richards, and OH MY GOD, right? Don’t you want to put that picture in your mouth? Or at least lick the screen? Me TOO! That picture is the epitome of YAY! (And have I mentioned I’ve met Christina and she’s awesome? Whatever, I digress.) This post is about how you guys are the best and your weddings are the best and Britta totally has to be a wedding graduate and I want to eat that picture up.

Oh. And vacation. As in, I’m going on a mini-one.

So speaking of yayyyy, and sparklers, and joy, it’s a long and hopefully hot summer weekend here in the states. I’m going to be taking the next few days off, and catching up on some projects and some sleep. Hopefully, in the next few weeks, I can clue you in into what those projects are, and little-but-awesome changes going on at APW. Changes that might occasionally allow me to get some sleep and take a shower. You know, details. I’m also heading down to LA this weekend to and see family and friends, so double yay!

In the meantime, you’re totally going to be reading the comments on the Wife Does Not Equal Mother post, because they are fabulous and smart and thought provoking, and I know you’re not caught up. Don’t lie to me. In fact, everyone is so excited about the term ‘auntie brigade’ that I’m sort of want to stuff them all in an envelope and mail them off to Elizabeth Gilbert. Because she has *got* to want a break from thinking about Eat Pray Love right about now.

Have wonderful, long, hot weekends, and I’ll see you on Tuesday. Wiggle your toes in the sand for me.

Picture: CHRISTINA RICHARDS WEDDINGS, ahhhhhh! So awesome.

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  • Oh, beautiful! That picture looks like a fairy tale, but the real kind with real people and real lives.

    Enjoy your vacation! And if someone else would wiggle their toes in the sand for me too? I’m about a million miles away from beaches in central Illinois…

    • Come to the city early for the book club next Saturday, and you can wiggle your own on the shores of Lake Michigan. We have beaches with sand here in Chicago!

      • Oops, guilty with the charge of distance exaggeration. :) That’s the plan, actually. I have a friend who lives blocks away from a beach in Edgewater, so I’ll be staying with her and doing a bit of wiggling while up in Chicago. Can’t wait to meet you!

  • I’m taking a mini-vacation this weekend too. (NYC, here I come!) I hope yours is fabulous!

    On the subject of fabulous, that dress? Oh my god. Please do a grad post Britta, I want to see that dress in detail!

  • Theresa

    That photo is a DAYDREAM! AH, I love it!

  • Wow!!! WOW. WOW. Love that image! So ethereal! *sigh*

    And as for your mini-vacation – I’m kinda jealous – but still want you to have a fabulous time! And lastly – thank you for the time to catch up on comments because lord knows most of us were not even close! :)

    See you Tuesday!!

    • meg

      Don’t be jealous. We’re doing chores all weekend, just out of town.

  • Meg

    Anyone else getting married in Hurricane Earl’s path this weekend? It’s a bummer, but I hope that no one’s wedding suffers significantly because of it. I’m so glad we had a rain plan…

    • Sarah

      Oh Meg, crossing fingers and toes for you and all the other Earl-path brides and grooms!

      And btw … CONGRATULATIONS!

  • Erika

    have a great weekend! The phrase “toes in the sand” is kind of a mantra for me and my husband, as in, when one of us is having a crap day, we imagine we are on the little trip we took to St. Lucia last year. Just saying “toes in the sand” is kind of magic for us.

    Oh, and that photo is super yummy.

  • Alyssa

    That is such a gorgeous dreamy picture! I want a print of it so I can look at it everyday.
    But of course, A) that’s a real person’s wedding, so that’s creepy, and B) it’d probably go in my bathroom where it’d make perfectly and that’s even MORE creepy.


    Anyway, have fun on your mini-vacation!

    • Alyssa

      Um…it’s MATCH perfectly.

      See, this is what happens when you have a Pop Tart and coffee for breakfast instead of your sensible oatmeal and tea. You talk about putting people’s pictures in your bathroom and then can’t even do that right….

  • i love the picture, it has a very dreamy feel in it.

  • ka

    Umm, wedding graduate? Yes, please!

    Happy happy long weekend!

  • Oh, yummy yummy picture!!!

  • Jennie

    Meg and all APW gals,
    Thank you so much. I am a creepy closeted blog reader and I never ever post comments but I just want to drop a line about how much I appreciate this website since I found it (2 weeks ago?). Consider me a loyal reader for my remaining 11 months of engagement and beyond. Your recent discussions (posts and comments) have been wonderful and your archive is alive with stress-free inspiration. Thanks for letting me ‘in’!
    Best, Jennie

  • Have a great weekend, Meg! Look forward to the changes.

    And I’m totally with Alyssa on wanting a print of this. Is this reason enough to have fireworks at my wedding or what?

    • meg

      Christina actually does fine art photography, and I think she sells prints. You should go look. I’m gonna go look now… SHOPPING!

  • ddayporter

    I’m so happy to have time to catch up! I’ve been away from my computer most of this week and seriously going through a bit of APW withdrawal. ;) I wish I could put a little bookmark in the comments to remember where to pick up reading when I get home.

    and I’d like to add my voice to the Britta For Wedding Graduate campaign. also will need to spend some time looking into Ms. Richards’ fine art photography……… holycrapgorgeous.

    have a nice mini-vaca!

  • Melissa

    Oh, I love this place, and by place I mean website. I still look at another website, to remain unnamed, for the pictures and because I love seeing REAL people in their wedding dresses, but the writing. Oh dear sweet hey-zeus, the writing! And the comments! Infuriating, mindless drivel. So, I love this place. That is all.

  • Englyn

    I keep tearing up just reading the title. That must make me a terrible sook but I love this place too.

  • I’m trying to get through these last couple weeks, and our honeymoon is the light at the end of the tunnel. Thirteen days until our wedding, fifteen days until we leave for the Dominican Republic…. Toes in the sand, toes in the sand, toooooooes in the mother f’in sand…..

  • Irene

    I’m a lurker, and haven’t even lurked much for the last couple weeks, but well, I’m off to bed and my wedding is technically today! And I’m deliriously happy and excited despite some pet-grieving going on, and Christina Richards is our photographer so I extra-had-to-share. Thank you all for this amazing place I’ve been lurking.