APW Happy Hour

This is not normal.


Hey APW,

Before I say anything else about how many times I’ve cried this week, you need to read this. Please. It’s a list of every action the giant cheeto has taken since the inauguration, and it’s absolutely terrifying. Now that we’re caught up, let me remind you I’m an Iranian-American queer person with immigrant parents who’s currently in the process of trying to sponsor two gay Iranian asylum seekers.

It’s not to say everything is terrible. As a DC native, I was lucky enough to attend the women’s march on Washington. The rally my friends organized was diverse and radically inclusive, and it was pretty powerful knowing almost all my coworkers were out marching as well. (What’s that they say about a company that marches together?) Obviously, there’s still some intersectionality missing from mainstream feminism, but the biggest march in US history is nothing to scoff at.

But also, this week, I’ve also had to have serious conversations with all my family members about possible exit strategies if things for middle eastern folks get worse. “Please pass the broccoli and make sure to take out cash in case assets are frozen.” SO FUN. It’s heartbreaking and very real that there’s many families and communities having these conversations right now. If you’re not in one of those groups, I suggest you look around and figure out who around you is, and what you can do to support them.

In lighter news, at least, next week the team is headed to Alt Summit in Palm Springs where Meg is a keynote speaker (!!!!) and I’ll get to meet Stephanie for the first time in person! We all deserve some rainbow feminist poolside hangs and a drink… or three.

So now it’s your turn: how are you coping? What are you afraid of? And what self love and care are you giving yourself in these dark times? It’s your happy hour, so let’s jump to it.



PS.I  have a postcard of the header image (by my bestie Kim Boekbinder ) on my wall. It inspires and calms me every time I glance up. I could use a barrage of such images. If you’ve got some, leave them for me in the comments <3



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