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Hey APW,

Funnily, here on APW we generally caution against getting married young… unless you’re me or Maddie, who both got married in our early twenties. The reason for that is obvious (I think): marriage is work, even in the good times, and doing that work when you’re in your early twenties and married to someone who is also in their early twenties? That can be a raw deal.

But you know what else? If you can make it through that period of growth with your marriage scarred but not destroyed, you’ll find yourself in a pretty sweet and rewarding spot. My husband and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary yesterday, and I continue to be happily surprised that he still induces butterflies and makes me origami flowers and listens to me when I’m expressing how I feel, and explains how he feels so well. I mean, if you ask me, I’m going with “Phrasing it as an ‘I feel’ statement” when answering this question.

Here’s to ten more years, and what will hopefully be a super fun anniversary trip to Iceland that we have coming up soon. PS: If you have tips about Iceland, I would love to hear them them… becausebeing surrounded by ice and glaciers is not exactly my wheelhouse.



P.S. We’re doing the first photoshoot in our new offices today, and you can follow along on The Compact’s Instagram. Come virtually hang out with us, please! Comments very welcome.

Link Round-up

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You can sponsor a student subscription of the New York Times if you want to.

Small political action: get a library card.

Woman that we love right now: Dolores Huerta.

These organizations help immigrants find free/low cost legal aid, Please Consider donating:

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