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I just need to talk about TV for a sec

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Hey APW,

We need to talk about my new favorite thing on TV.

It’s been a pretty intense few months personally and professionally (moving across the country will do that to you), and I recently discovered that the best way for me to deal is to drop my usual obnoxious discerning AF television tendencies and to happily hop in bed with a big heap of garbage TV. Enter Reign, aka my favorite gift that Netflix has ever given me.

I am a big-time fan of badass lady monarchs, and have passed this love on to my eight-year-old son. Together, we’ve read a book about Catherine the Great over fifteen times, and I’m currently in the middle of reading the incredible, dense Elizabeth and Mary: Cousins, Rivals, Queens out loud to him. So when I was absent-mindedly scrolling through Netflix to see what’s up lately and saw that there’s a dramatized rehash of the rule of Mary Queen of Scots, I quickly lost my mind and knew that we needed to watch it, STAT. While it’s vaguely inappropriate at times, it’s also really fun to watch with him (and now we have a brand-new-to-us person to learn more about: Catherine de Medici).

ANYWAY: I’m telling you my life story because I want to share Reign with each and every one of you (if TV shows that only incorporate reality in an extremely loose sense are your thing)… because I’ve already bored everyone in the APW office silly with my incessant Reign chatter (and even enlisted Najva to watch an episode with us). But hey: we’re still in season 1, so don’t give me spoilers.



PS: What are you guys watching right now? DISCUSS.

PPS: Grace & Frankie is back TODAY and I am so excited.


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