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Is Doug the Pug an IG celeb in your house, too?

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Hey APW,

You guys know how we’re launching The Compact in August, right? (Psst: Are you on the mailing list yet?) I mean, of course you do, because every Happy Hour there’s a comment thread where people talk about what they want to see on the site (and you better believe we’re over here taking notes and making docs and dreaming up posts). Buttttt, did you know we’re also pre-gaming over on the Instagram account?

It’s been really fun to watch The Compact’s Instagram following grow, and it’s also been cool to explore the many layers of Instagram and find new-to-us accounts to follow, become BFFs with, and draw inspiration from. And all of that is kind of what Instagram is about (I mean, my eight-year-old even has a super-locked-down account of his own on my phone, which I made entirely so he can follow every single famous animal the platform has to offer and I don’t have to. See also: My account is now no longer dominated by Doug the Pug).

Because there are a handful of us and so many more of you, we thought it’d be fun to ask you: What Instagram accounts are you following? What hashtags are you checking on the regular? Do you use Instagram just to visually stay in touch with friends, or are you seeking fashion inspiration, ogling photos of kittens, or basking in the sheer joy that is #childhoodunplugged… or something else?

We’d love to know what accounts you love on Instagram, and, as ever, what you want to see more of on The Compact.



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