APW Happy Hour

Camp is here!


I’m holding down the fort while the APW staff is off the grid in the Redwoods at our first ever The Compact Camp this weekend, so my week has been a lot of catching up in the peace and quiet, and a little of long lunches hanging in my friend’s suburban pool and guided meditation in a pop-up tiny jungle in Tribeca.

Just in case you aren’t at camp this year (which, if you’re reading this, chances are is the case!), I’m going to leave you a list of camp-inspired self-care activities to get up to this weekend. I dare/encourage you to put down your phone for an hour and do something that you wouldn’t otherwise do if you weren’t, like, on vacation. Personally, I’m going to try to compile the miscellaneous deep thoughts that currently live on post-its and random notebooks (which I’ve been told still counts as journaling?) into a Heartsong Journal.

And finally, huge congrats to AMY BROOKS on winning the $200 Crate and Barrel gift card for voting in our Crate and Barrel registry giveaway! The Entertaining Edit won by landslide, so now Jessi and Steve can think of their APW community when they are hosting their IRL community, awww. Thanks y’all for participating!

Have a great weekend, and next week we’ll be back in full force with tales from the woods. And with that, it’s your happy hour! So get to it.


camp-inspired self-care for your weekend

Find a 5Rhythms class near you and dance it out (no experience necessary).

Read up on practical steps to get beyond yours fears.

Check out APW’s go-to coach’s podcast for the perfect combo of woo-woo “we’re all connected to the universe” and  practical “let’s learn how to set personal boundaries so we’re not living for other people our whole lives” kind of stuff. 

Grab those scissors and make a vision board.

Watch keynote speaker Cyndie Spiegel’s TedX talk.

Start a Heartsong Journal AKA an encyclopedia of you.


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