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Pain & Pride

Hey APW,

As always, the end of APW Pride week coincides with San Francisco Pride. So after a fantastic rainbow romp celebrating Queer love this week, I get to head off to Pride Parade with my family for even more rainbow celebration.

Mostly though, I’ve been delighted to spend a week celebrating pure JOY. I only occasionally talk about this on APW—you can head over to my Instagram for tons of conversation on the subject—but my six-year-old is Gender Creative (or that’s what we call it for his kindergarten brain). Much of my last year has been spent in the trenches. Fighting for inclusion at a school, finding therapy to deal with after-effects of bullying, working on family inclusion, plus dealing with the ever-shifting ground of a six-year-old figuring out themselves, and grappling with huge concepts. It’s been a lot. And while there have been plenty of glittery rainbows (on outfits), there have also been tons of tears, heartache, panic attacks, and nights of worry.

All of which is to say: the joy of Pride is a hard-earned joy. It often is made up of the shimmer of the many shards of broken glass put back together into one fabulous (in our case) disco ball. So for all of you celebrating Pride this weekend, I’m wishing you so much light reflecting on your own personal, fractured, wildly beautiful, exactly you, disco ball.



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