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Happy Hour

APW is going on summer vacation!

Hey APW,

Happy Holiday week! For most of you it’s a long weekend full of BBQs, fireworks, and cold drinks. For me it’s all of those things, plus my daughter turns four tomorrow. (Four on the 4th! Her golden birthday.) Then next week, I’m off for a week in Mexico… a vacation I need very very badly, after a very difficult year. It will be boiling hot, we’ll be on vacation primarily with Mexican families… since most people do not intentionally go to Mexico in July. And if last year is any example (see above), it will also be really delightful. The first place we’re staying is an all-inclusive, where the kids will get to go to summer camp during the day. Then at the end of the trip, we’ll get an apartment by the beach and soak in a few days of waves. I couldn’t be more excited.

In the meantime, APW is going to be on a short summer break. We’ll be back on July 15th. Till then, our team will be hard at work on content we’re excited to bring you… and I’ll be hard at work on my margarita game.

We’ll see you in a week and a half, hopefully a little bit tanner and a lot more relaxed.


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