APW Happy Hour

APW is on holiday next week!

Hey APW,

Najva here! Holy hell, it’s been a few days. Meg came into town (New York) to keynote The Love Union, a networking and wellness event for the wedding industry. The talk was so important (you can still see teasers of it on our Instagram stories for another four hours or so… and catch some of Chelsea’s adventure seeing Shonda AND Tyra) because it addressed some super serious issues, and called out a bunch of the biases of the way vendors market themselves. As a queer, immigrant, POC, it’s always nice to be reminded that I work with someone who SEES me, ya know?

The event itself was so incredible—from dreamy catered lunches to meeting vendors I’ve been emailing IRL!

To top it off we had our “East Coast” team holiday dinner at a restaurant in the historically fancy Beekman Hotel, where I insisted on bone marrow AND lobster… because why not?

After this wild week, we’re closing up shop to recover during the holiday week (*cough* Indigenous People’s Day *cough*), and we’ll be back to ya on the flip side!

With that, let’s talk about your week and your holiday plans. It’s happy hour!



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