This Couple Got Married on a Boat in Hawai’i

A $15K wedding in Hawai'i on a BOAT?! Where do we sign up?

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Kaitlyn and JoAnna knew a few things while planning their wedding: they wanted the wedding to be lovely but causal, and they wanted to celebrate their love with kisses and cocktails alongside their closest friends and family. When tasked with planning such an event, they easily settled on a location: a boat in the Pacific Ocean. Because when you live in Hawai’i… why not?

With a planned budget of $10,000 (and an actual budget of approximately $15,000), the pair planned their wedding down to the teeth—while simultaneously planning a three-week honeymoon in New Zealand. And you guys? It’s gorgeous.

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One money-saving trick? Use what you have. Kaitlyn and JoAnna used their resources (a boat that barely needed any decor) and Kate’s DIY know-how (she made small mason jar centerpieces and wooden signage for the after party). The boat was spruced up with a few strings of faux flowers.

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It’s also forever helpful if friends and family pitch in:

Choosing to keep the guest list small by not inviting second cousins and great aunts was a key detail in saving money and only having the people closest to us at the ceremony. And since we didn’t have a wedding planner, when it was time to decorate the boat, set up the after party, and bake cookies (and so on), we were very lucky to have willing members of our guest list help with the details.

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The pair also maximized their individual skill sets in another way. While Kate was taking care of decor, JoAnna was in charge of getting people paid.

Jo made sure that everything was paid on time and actually early. We paid for everything in small amounts along the way. This helped us to not be overwhelmed by one large sum. Nothing was ever put on a credit card. We incurred no debt and were able to enjoy a three-week honeymoon adventure in New Zealand!

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At the end of the day, the wedding was exactly what they wanted: a close time with family and friends, and hours of celebrating the two of them:

As a couple, we could not decide on just one single element. The entire day from start to finish was flawless. Everyone and everything was where it needed to be at the time it needed to be there. This allowed us to enjoy every moment and every detail without stress. Our day was perfect.

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  • Kaitlyn

    This looks like so much fun, I would have loved to have been a guest!

  • Stephanie

    Would love to see this but on the mobile site it is covered in ads and Disqus is still not working on the mobile site. Any response from the APW team would be appreciated

    • Abby

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    • CMT

      Yeah, Disqus seems to have disappeared completely from the mobile site. And while we’re talking about it, I often times see posts that on the front page say they have a few comments, but when I open them there are none? What’s that about?

      • penguin

        I keep seeing the comments thing too! Drives me nuts because I love the comments.

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  • MrsRalphWaldo

    Is it just me or are there way more ads (especially popping up over pictures) than there used to be? Such a beautiful wedding but I was constantly closing out of ad banners.

    • Gaby

      I’m not getting the ads on desktop that others are seeing, but it could be my job’s blockers doing that.

      • MrsRalphWaldo

        Mine are quite bad. Even the side banner that is usually ads for wedding related content and looks integrated into the site seems to be transitioned into an intrusive ad instead.

    • Alli

      I’m also getting an ad over pretty much every picture!

      • I have the same problem, but anyway the pictures are amazing!

    • rg223

      Oh weird, I actually thought the rainbow pic WAS an ad because of the banner at the bottom! Yeah, a bit intrusive today.

    • PAJane aka Awesome Tits

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  • Akes

    Tears streaming down my face looking at these gorgeous photos!! This wedding is SO beautiful – so much joy and such gorgeous brides! I love seeing the way you two look at each other which so much love and adoration. This made my day :)

  • Kalë

    the back necklace the back necklace the back necklace

    • Kalë

      also everything else but i still can’t get over the back necklace!

      • Gaby

        That and the wedding day rainbow are my favorite details.

      • toomanybooks

        Same!!!! Love that backdrop necklace!

  • Gaby

    There is so much tenderness and joy in your faces in any picture you’re together and it is KILLING ME. This is beautiful.

    • PAJane aka Awesome Tits

      They nuzzled!

  • Kate

    Thanks for the feature, APW!! This was the best day of my entire life and you’re helping me relive it. Mahalo and aloha!

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  • clairetupper

    They’re very much in-love with each other. Lovely!

  • Rachel

    Such a cute couple and a perfect wedding.

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  • I’ve always dreamed for a wedding like this. Way to go girls!

  • Lovely wedding! I hope you 2 are kissing and love each other like in this photos

  • I just hope to be able to have a wedding just like this ;)