A Relaxed Headlands Wedding

Amazing flowers. Political hip-hop.

Melanie, Floral Designer/Owner of Hawthorn Flower Studio & Owen, Political Organizer

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: We wanted to have a relaxed, warm, effortless day that was simple and beautiful.

Soundtrack for reading: “Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star

Other Cool Stuff We Should Know About

We are big fans of the political hip-hop group Bandung 55, and got them to perform and get the party going!

If I could offer advice to people who are planning: Know what’s important to you. We wanted to be relaxed and enjoy the presence of our friends and family. Guests take their cue from the couple—since we were relaxed, it set the tone for the day. We planned early, focused only on the important things and left the rest up to our vendors. We were rewarded the week before our day with an empty calendar! We watched movies with our wedding party, got massages, zoned out. On the day of our wedding, we enjoyed each other and everything we planned. It was absolutely perfect.

Favorite Thing About the Wedding

The ceremony was the best part of our wedding. It was incredibly powerful. We planned it together and spent hours thinking of ways to materialize our values of joy, warmth, community, and social conscience. We chose to arrange seating in a circle so we were able to see everyone during the ceremony. Our parents passed our wedding rings around so each guest could hold them and offer a blessing. We requested that our friends and family to verbally support our marriage through community vows. We truly felt surrounded by love. If I had to choose a single, favorite memory, it would be when my husband cried during our vows. It was the most sincere expressions of love that I’ve experienced to this day.


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  • vegankitchendiaries

    Unique and amazing!! Congratulations!

    PS. You can tell you work with flowers :D Gorgeous!!

  • Having an empty calendar is why we’re working so hard to get things done in advance. Thank you for your great advice.

  • The dresses! And also, the bridesmaid’s pants! LOVE!

    • Hayley Tuller

      YES bridesmaid in PANTS!!

      • Anne Schwartz

        Agreed, also, I want those pants!!

        • vegankitchendiaries

          Yep, they grabbed me too! HOTNESS!

  • nik

    Where did they get that beautiful garland in the picture in front of the black doors?

  • Lisa

    That reception dress is AWESOME. And the flowers are incredibly beautiful.

  • Arlene

    I need that ceremony dress. It is perfect!

  • where is that reception dress from???

  • H

    HOLY shit, what a beautiful wedding. The flowers are just beyond gorgeous. Love it all – best wishes to both of you!

  • Ally

    this is all so gorgeous GAHH

  • StevenPortland

    Those flowers are out of the world! I really liked seeing your wedding invitation included in the photo.

  • Karen

    In the photo where you kiss, the space between your lips is a heart.

  • ready_set_go

    oh my gosh, I can’t believe noone has commented on how ADORABLE you and your husband are. such a picture perfect, beautiful couple :)

  • melanie

    thanks for all the lovely comments! i was set on buying my dresses off the rack– the reception dress is from bloomingdales and the ceremony dress is from shopbop.com.

  • Gorgeous wedding! Loved the simplicity and unique style of this wedding.

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