Heidi & Gerhard’s Lighthouse Wedding

If I could only have one lofty goal for this website, it would be that I would help make small and simple weddings fashionable again.

There are a million places publishing the worlds expensive weddings, and the message is clear! If we were willing to spend a $100K on our wedding, we could make it amazing(ly expensive). But today I have another great example of a small, simple, affordable wedding that was everything you could wish for and more.
Heidi and Gerhard got married at the Point Bonita Lighthouse in Sausalito California, which is still a working lighthouse (squeal! hand clapping!) I see this lighthouse everyday from my walk, and I am totally in love with it.
At the very beginning of the service, all 20 guests introducing ourselves to one another, to show that they were there not just as guests, but as a loving community of support for the marriage. Then everyone stood in a semi circle around Heidi & Gerhard, facing the Golden Gate Bridge. Their friend performed the ceremony, and they had a few other friends do readings.
How adorable is this picture? It captures the rustic beauty of the surroundings, and the simple joy of the day. The couple had their friend Emily take the stunning photographs.
After the wedding, everyone went to To in Sausalito for a celebratory meal. The next day, the couple hosted a reception for 70 people at home, with simple food, wine, and lots of swing dancing.
I love simple weddings so much. I love that the focus is on the couple, and the commitment that they are making. I love that they are affordable. And I particularly love that they can take place with little notice in the most beautiful of locations.

See, now, don’t you suddenly want to have a simple private ceremony at the courthouse or at your local lighthouse, in your best suit with a clutch of fresh flowers?

I do.

Many thanks to photographer (and reader!) Emily Perello for sending me this wedding. You know how people are always telling you to find a affordable photographer who is just starting out, and is really talented, and you think to yourself, “yeah, I’m so sure that’s possible”? Well, Emily is your girl. Northern California couples, go get her! (and tell her your a practical couple).

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  • I’m one of those that found a photographer that’s really talented and just starting off!! I can remember so many people telling me that I was taking a risk – but from the pictures that I had seen, I knew everything would turn out fine! In fact, now that we have our engagement pictures in, everyone loves them!!

    This is a great wedding!!

  • Desaray

    I really love the idea of everyone introducing themselves before the wedding ceremony. I’m having a Quaker ceremony and creating that community feel – in under 15 minutes, with as little gimmicry as possible (because my fiance is only so supportive of my wackiness) – is essential if “the community” is gonna marry me. The community being a very motley assemblage of far-flung strangers. let me run this one by her . . . :)

  • Thanks for the blog-love Meg! I hope this isn’t too tacky to write this here but I would like to offer a 10% discount for Practical Wedding readers who want to book a date through June 2009. Seems like your readers would be the best people to shoot anyway!

  • One reason I am so excited about getting married in Wherewelive town hall is so that we can get that sense of just ‘going to the courthouse’ as you Americans say :)

    It feels more special to me, more about the officialness and importance of the promise that the celebration of the day.

    Yeah, we’re having nearly fifty guests, so it’s not quite ‘going to the courthouse’ but it feels a little bit like it to me ;)

  • I just love the whole feel of this. It is so very personal. I asked people not to bring dates to my wedding, only partners, long term boyfriend/girlfriends, spouses. I wanted to feel like I was surrounded by people who I loved and loved me. And it ended up being a perfect, special day.

  • Okay-so I love, love, love lighthouses. They are so romantic! And I live in the Bay Area, guess who is going to check out this Sausalito Lighthouse….

  • I was a guest at this wedding and I WAS truly inspired. It was a very intimate, beautiful and special wedding! My husband and I recently chose to get married in a small destination ceremony with about 30 guests and it was perfect!

  • I never knew how expensive weddings were until my mom told me. Shocked me.