Help! I’m A Bridesmaid Concerned About the Delta Variant

The wedding is 2 months away...

Q:I’m a bridesmaid in an October wedding and am trying to figure out how to kindly ask the bride what, if any, COVID precautions are in place for the wedding. It’s a large indoor wedding (250 people) and the wedding website has no mention of COVID precautions even though our area just reinforced an indoor mask mandate.

I don’t want to stress the bride out but no one else in the bridal party has mentioned anything and my wheels are spinning. Do I just wait for the bride to let us know what the deal is, ask the bridal party if they’ve heard anything or just ask directly?

What’s the etiquette for this when it feels like everyone else thinks this is “post-pandemic” and there’s nothing to worry about?


—Distressed Over Delta

So APW, what are your thoughts on covid precaution transparency in these times? Is it the couple’s responsibility to convey guidelines in a timely manner? Or is it fine to let the wedding party and guests figure out local guidelines on their own when the time comes? Give us your two cents in the comments!

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