Hey guys, this is us!

“…peopled by thousands of crafty, handy young women — like Carrie Bradshaw but cooler, with fewer shoes, better values and a mortgage*.”

(*Though we don’t all have mortgages yet. We just don’t want to spend the entirety of our future down-payment on the wedding.)
From the NYTimes article on Domino (RIP) via Amanda

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  • I’ve been bumming about Domino — why does every mag for non-richy cool girls get tossed? Yes, it’s fun to aspire to luxe decor, but it’s also nice to see things I can actually buy.

  • I’m glad to be cooler than Carrie. And who needs that many shoes, anyhow? xoxo, sweet Domino.

  • Ha ha, I read the same sentence and thought of us, too. Ha ha ha.
    P.S.–weird to be called cool by NYT. Weird, weird. Don’t they know we’re a bunch of nerds? :)

  • I read the whole article hoping for the happy ending that they’d changed their minds:-(