Holiday Gift Guide #8: For Your #GirlBoss

Or just a delightfully bossy friend

Girl Boss

Even though the holidays are filled with people who are impossible to shop for, who really don’t want gifts, and might kill you if you bring one more useless thing into your apartment, there are always a handful of people each year who are simply the best to shop for. For me, those people are the APW staff, and the community of female entrepreneurs that surrounds us. Shopping for the #GirlBosses in my life (or just my, ahem, delightfully bossy friends) is kind of like shopping for myself, and shopping for myself is my most favorite pastime (scroll down for a funny little story about that).

The hardest part of shopping for the #GirlBoss in my life is that they usually already have everything they need (especially as it pertains to business), so gift giving is about finding the things that they want (even if they don’t know they want it yet.) So if you’re not sure what to get your #GirlBoss (or delightfully bossy friends) this season, this here is a #GirlBoss approved list to get you started:

The book that launched the hashtag. Sophia Amoruso’s memoir is really more of an entrepreneurial manifesto in sheep’s clothing, and a damn good one at that. If your #GirlBoss has her sights set on world domination, this book is a good place to start. Complete the (unofficial) set and pair it with The Glitter Plan, which chronicles the rise and fall of the Juicy Couture empire. It’s a really smart read, and features fewer velour jumpsuits than you’d think.

You never know when you’re going to need to draft important business correspondence, so give your #GirlBoss this set of cheeky stationery. The foil stamped cards are blank inside, and boast phrases like, “You’re the shit,” “You made my fucking day,” Fan-fucking-tastic,” and “Fuck yeah, it’s your birthday.” ($14.95)

If I’ve learned anything from watching Don Draper and Roger Sterling woo clients, it’s that whisky and business go together like peas and carrots. This diamond-shaped highball set does double duty as a drink holder and desk decor. ($34)

I mean. You spend most of the day getting your hands dirty. Might as well throw some fancy driving gloves on when the day is up. ($75)

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This music box (aptly titled L.O.V.E.) says it all. Give it to her to keep on her desk and tell the world she means business. Plays “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” while it spins. ($50)

When you love what you do, your office becomes a kind of second home. I like to think that these stylish desk accessories are the kind that Diane Von Furstenberg might have in her office. Which means I’m obviously buying them for myself. ($120–$150 each)

Meg and I hilariously bought the exact same holiday gift for each other last year. (Hint: it was this print above.) Sometimes #GirlBosses need a reminder to keep on truckin’. ($15, unframed)

Multitasking is essential for the #GirlBoss. This pencil pouch lets you keep your things organized while also telling people that you don’t have the time for their bullshit. ($12)

Every great executive needs a signature look. Anna Wintour has the hair. Zuckerberg has the hoodie. Your #GirlBoss has this t-shirt. (What? It’s relevant.) Meg, I hope you like your Christmas present. ($30)

Research shows that being a people pleaser isn’t just bad for your career; it’s bad for your health, your bank account, and your relationships. This necklace is a step in the right direction. ($40)

When your #GirlBoss needs to pen correspondence of the tangible variety, help her do it in style with a gold-dipped feather pen. This pen is equally useful for writing your manifesto, jotting down genius ideas, and drawing up the business plan for the next Facebook. ($9.95)

Because even a #GirlBoss needs to break for tea. ($10)

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