A Traditional Romanian Wedding in a Gilded Orthodox Church

Followed by the "traditional" copious dancing and laughter, of course

Olivia, Pharmacist  & Dan, PhD Candidate

ONE SENTENCE SUM-UP OF THE WEDDING VIBE: A day filled with tradition and dancing!

SOUNDTRACK FOR READING: “All Of Me” John Legend covered by Kina Grannis


Doing a pre-wedding boudoir shoot after getting all glammed up. Seeing the biggest smile on Dan’s face as my dad walked me down the aisle. Getting everyone we love under one roof. Having a great time at the reception, and laughing until my stomach hurt as my husband delivered his amazing speech. Finally getting to crack that bottle of Moet that we had been saving for a year–a gift from the maid of honor. The photoshoot at my old university campus provided the perfect backdrop, with historic ivy covered buildings—despite the sun beating down on us. 


We had the DJ play some traditional Romanian music (called the Perinita) during the reception and it was amazing to see that everyone was dancing and loved it, even the guests who didn’t know the song or dance! Also awesome: the groom getting silly on the dance floor to top-forty tunes with his extended group of friends.


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