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The Homestrech

Dear Team Practical,

Hello from the world of blog re-design. It is crazy here. It’s a giant flurry of emails, business-y stuff, not-freaking-out, design questions, totally-freaking-out, re-tagging posts, taking deep breaths, more business-y stuff, and then taking a break and having a drink.

Which is a nice way to say, we’re entering the last three weeks homestretch here, and the idea that I’m going to create five brand new posts a week is… unrealistic. It’s starting to get unrealistic to think that I’m going to read all my email, but that’s a whole other question.

So I’m asking you to please bear with me. Posting is going to be a bit light (smack me if it’s not). Also, as I’ve been going through the archives to sort them for the new site (yes, you’ll be able to FIND things), I’ve been happening on posts I love that I’d forgotten about. So I’m going to lean a bit on ‘Classic APW‘ posts for the next few weeks. I know that might bore the four of you who have been reading my blog from the start, but for the rest of you, hopefully it will be interesting. You’ll get to see cool weddings you missed, and Meg-as-you-never-knew-her, a little younger and a little less wise.

But mostly, just hang in there. I swear this will be worth it in the end. And in the meantime I’m going to have a whisky.


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