Julia & Wade

Julia, Program Coordinator & Wade, Trader of Other People’s Dough * Photographer: Zachary Hunt * Soundtrack for reading: “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: A non-traditional, traditional great time—a country church wedding laced with very quirky and special touches throughout—or, as Wade puts it: bitchin’!


The Info—Photography: Zachary Hunt / Venue: The Venue on Church Street in Cuero, TX / Cakes: Cuero Pecan House / Flowers: Ryan’s on Main / Julia’s Dress: White by Vera Wang at David’s Bridal / Wade’s SuitTommy Hilfiger from Macy’s / Bridesmaid Dresses: Their own choice of gray or blue / Ring Bearer Pillow: Puppy Dog Kisses (Matron of Honor’s Etsy shop)

Other cool stuff we should know about: We didn’t want our wedding to look perfectly hipster-blog-chic. We just wanted it to be awesome. Lo and behold, tons of those infamous “details” cropped up anyway. Julia’s mom collected pine cones for months to make hundreds of favors and decor, Wade’s grandma made fifteen buttermilk pies, and Julia spent hours and hours making “scarf” table runners, invites, signs and other decor, because she’s insane. Julia’s aunt did the flowers, including the most amazing bouquet ever. The rehearsal dinner had a tacky Christmas sweater contest and everyone went dancing afterward. There was a wedding after party, too, inside the flower shop. Julia’s brother and cousin relentlessly performed “Wagon Wheel” while the late crowd ate leftover pork loin and potatoes and drank beer out of flower vases. Most awesome of all, though, was the fact that it all happened in the small town and countryside that we love so much. It’s the only place either one of us has ever truly called “home,” and it was all so completely, awesomely ours.

Favorite thing about the wedding: Julia: Feeling completely at home at the church we chose, wandering down Main St. Cuero with Wade and Zach (photographer) snapping photos before entering the reception, and the Grand March! Wade: Watching everyone enjoy themselves in celebration of our union.

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  • KTH

    Wait wait wait. What are “buttermilk pies”?????

    • Snow Gray

      If they’re anything like MY grandmother’s buttermilk pies – they’re the most delicious dessert on the face of the planet.

      Really hard to describe, but my family variety is made predominantly of butter and sugar with a teensy bit of buttermilk and is kind of like the best sugar cookie in the word turned into a pie. Sweet and amazing.

    • Sam

      They are a like a cross between a cheesecake and a custard… and super yummy :-)

      • Julia

        Buttermilk pies are a southern thing …and just to clarify, the pies really were made by Wade’s (the groom’s) grandmother the day before the wedding. There’s a small typo in the credits above – we didn’t buy anything from Central Market nor did we have cupcakes :)

    • They are sweet-sweet-sweet and heaven on earth ;)

  • That grey pashmina scarf is fantastic.

  • mimi

    Love your dress! Looks like a fun party :)

  • This really is pretty bitchin’. I’m especially love that teeny lady in photo #2, I can only hope that my future daughter will be that sassy. :)

  • ElisabethJoanne

    I take it that’s St. Michael’s??? [church architecture buff had to research a lovely, simple church that preserved its old altar and set up a simple, post-Vatican II altar]

    • Julia

      The church is St. Ann’s in Hochheim, TX …just outside of Cuero and Yoakum, TX.

  • Kari

    AWESOME! MY brother and his friend sang “Wagon Wheel” at my Tennessee reception! My husband and his family do not like country, but too bad for them! They were in Tennessee, so pork bbq and country is what you get! We had a blast, and if these pictures tell me anything you did too! Thanks for sharing your happy day.

  • Ambi

    Beautiful! And Wagon Wheel is one of my favorite songs! When my guy and I were doing long distance (him on the East Coast, me here in the South), and we were having hard times, he sent me that song. It always makes me cry now!

  • Gorgeous wedding! We had buttermilk pies, too, from Kelly’s Cafe in Fredericksburg. Buttermilk pies FTW!

  • This is just supremely delightful.

  • lovely :-) I collected pinecones for my wedding too — I spent several months doing so. I found it one of the most calming parts of preparation. It was great to just go out, enjoy nature, and be doing something wedding-wise.

    I also love the oar — what is the significance of that?

    • Julia

      The comments are all so nice …and validating. Thanks everyone!

      ^The oar (canoe paddle) is important to us because that’s how we met – watching both our brothers in a canoe race! Also, Wade’s family has a longtime hobby of canoeing. We now have 2 awesome graffiti paddles hanging in our home.

  • Great photos. I love it. Particulary this with the boy who are seeing the flowers of the girl in black and white.
    Thank you very much for this post.