How Are You Feeling About The Vaccine Rollout?

I have a little bit of #FOMO

Can you believe it’s been a whole year since ‘Rona flipped our worlds upside down? Whew. Now that the light at the end of the tunnel is looking a little brighter, I’m feeling two things. Hopeful and fatigued. Emphasis on fatigued.

Like a lot of folx, I’ve been working from my living room and have not emerged from my house much at all in the past year. My partner though—that’s a different story. Throughout the pandemic, he’s been able to keep his job as a cook as restaurants have crumbled over the past year. While still having employment during these uncertain times has been a huge blessing, it also put him right on the frontlines dealing with the general public every day. And as cautious as we’ve been in the last year, it didn’t stop our worry of him potentially being exposed to the virus.

But! In good news, he received his second shot last week. I’m happy and relieved that he was able to get vaccinated and then I realized that despite my excitement for my partner’s newfound vaccination status, it might be a good minute before I finally get mine too. Then the #FOMO hit hard. I can’t be the only one feeling this way.

Obviously, we’re going to keep following safety protocols until I can get vaccinated but I will say this last stretch has me feeling like I’m watching paint dry. Anyone else feel that way too? It’s been a long year.

How are you (honestly) feeling with the vaccine rollout right now? Are you hopeful? Fatigued? Tired? If only one of you in a relationship has been vaccinated, how are you dealing with the weird in between time? Leave it all in the comments, this is your open thread!

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