How Do I Get My Mom To Follow The Mask Mandate At My Wedding?

She won't come to my wedding if she has to wear a mask


Due to COVID, my partner and I had to change our original wedding plans and with no clear idea on when we can have large groups together again. We’ve decided to have a small backyard wedding (parents and siblings only) and have an anniversary party with our larger group of folx at a later date. I thought our family was all in for the new plan until my mom called to let me know that her and my dad wouldn’t be attending my wedding if masks were necessary.

I made the point very clear that masks and social distancing were required on the invitations and we’ve had discussions previously on the same topic so I wasn’t expecting this surprise. My partner and I have been vocal with our families about the seriousness of COVID and were hoping that they’d respect our viewpoint on this but have been met with resistance. I’ve tried to have conversations about what their decision means to me and my partner but now it feels like we’re at our wit’s end. Is there anything I can say to change her mind or should I just move on with my plans? With our original wedding massively downsized I can’t imagine not having either of my parents there.


Has anyone planning a wedding been met with the resistance to COVID safety precautions in place? Have you been to (or hosted) a wedding this year where mask wearing was enforced?  How did guests react to that rule? We want to know all about how folx are navigating COVID safety precautions during 2020 weddings, give us your two cents in the comments!


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