How Can I Include Our Loved Ones In Our Zoom Wedding…

... While mourning our big wedding


My fiancx and I are one of the many #covidcouples out there that had to postpone our plans for our Big Wedding. We’ve decided to still get married on our original date with only our immediate families in attendance. But as our wedding date quickly approaches, a part of me is mourning the idea of not being able to celebrate with our extended family and friends on the day of our wedding.

My partner and I were hopeful that there would be a vaccine available in December 2021 so we can host our Big Wedding safely, but as time goes on it’s feeling harder and harder to get excited about a larger gathering being safe at that time.

To add to my stress, I passed by a wedding over the weekend as I was driving through town and there were easily 100+ people there with no masks in sight. I let out a literal scream in my car. WTF people?

So I’m wondering how to celebrate our small wedding and still include my extended family and friends in a personal way. Is there any way I can make it more special and have people feel included even if they can’t be there IRL? Or is there anything we can do to make it feel more like a wedding instead of an intimate gathering?

—Stressed to the Max

Have you attended a small wedding this year (zoom or socially distanced)? What was your experience like? Give this couple your best tips/advice in the comments!

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