How To DIY Geometric Block Place Card Settings

Inexpensive, adorable, done.

Thanksgiving is approaching fast. Here at the Bennett house, we’re prepping for our usual jaunt through several homes, followed by a Friendsgiving feast that we’re hosting the next weekend. This time of year always gives me that perfectionist, decorator’s itch to have the most crazy awesome, fully decorated table spread for the holidays. Centerpieces, table settings, the works. However, the time I have to put forth to make that awesome spread? Oh, I think I’ve got maybe forty minutes? Tops. Usually, I can make one cute thing, and leave the rest, so I try for something that I can either use again, or something that won’t take too much time while still looking flashy.

So I was incredibly excited when Tabitha, the creative force behind Winston & Main, signed on with us to design a series of crafts you can easily create for your next holiday party (or wedding). These geometric place settings, the first in our series, are everything I want—fast, functional, and they work for more than just the holidays. Literally anyone could do this, for a wedding or just for a dinner party. Inexpensive, adorable, done. It’s everything I want out of DIY during the holidays, and I can make them while I catch up on Scandal.


  • 2” wood blocks
  • 1/8” pattern tape
  • Acrylic paint (magenta, pink, gold)
  • Paint brush
  • Card stock

Cost Estimate: $20

Time Estimate: 45 minutes, plus drying time, so you’ll want to do these at least a few hours or a day ahead.


1. Use the pattern tape to make a few triangle shapes on one side of each block.

2. Paint the triangles magenta, pink, and gold, in whatever pattern you choose.

3. Let the paint dry, and then carefully remove the tape.

4. Print your guests’ names in a simple, modern font (we used Bebas) and cut each card to 3.5 x 2 inches. Or, just take them to Kinkos, and let them do the cutting.

5. Top each card with one of your geo blocks. Modern and pretty.


1. Change your colors to match the rest of your decor, or try painting your blocks a base color before painting your geometric shapes.

2. Use a different font for your names, or a different paper shape or color.

3. Thumbtack your card to the cube or make a cut on the top of the cube to display the card differently.

Tips & Tricks:

1. If your lines are a bit fuzzy, you can clean them up with an X-Acto knife or a little sandpaper.

2. Spray your blocks with clear matte acrylic before painting to ensure cleaner lines.


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  • vegankitchendiaries

    Looks like the DIY tutorials are starting up around here again which makes me sad for the first time that I’m not planning a wedding anymore.

    Aside from looking cute as hell, I love these because they would serve the purpose of paperweights. It never occurred to me that my placecards were just going to fly all over the place on the tables outside until a few days before the wedding. ‘Oh yeah…. WIND!’ Not my brightest moment! I mean, sure, “River Rocks” from the dollar store to the rescue but this would have looked way cooler! I especially love the modern, bold font… kind of a nice change from the flourishy style-me-pretty-esque handwriting font that’s been done to death (including on my own placecards).

    • Meg Keene

      But these are not FOR weddings!! Ta dah!

      • vegankitchendiaries

        C’mon Meg, *as if* I’m not already thinking about what cute word I’m going to spell out on the mantel when with the centrepiece tutorial… ;)

  • Alison M

    These are so cool! And $20 seems awfully inexpensive for how great they look. How many is that estimate for?

    • Hi Alison! I was able to make 6 seating blocks for this price, BUT I could probably make 60 more with the amount of paint/tape I have leftover! So it’d just be a matter of buying more blocks, which were around $1.20 each at my local craft store if you wanted to make a bunch.

  • The possibilities for things other than place cards are swirling in my head right now.

  • FancyPants

    Awesome craft, y’all! This looks like something I could actually pull off! “Color in the lines” is my most advanced art skill. And the variation is endless! (I’m thinking tall and short blocks for centerpieces). So, for clarification, how did you do the block letters? With the blue tape or with bought letter shapes? Or did you cut card stock into letters? Thanks! I love the clean look of this craft- so do-able for holiday/dinner party/wedding. Any and all.

    • Meg Keene

      HA. Block letters are advanced, and will be covered next week. This is just a tutorial for those name card holders.

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