How To DIY Modern Geometric Wedding Place Cards

Everything looks better with glitter

Here’a pro-tip you can take to the bank: most wedding DIYs you see on Pinterest are not built for scale. That is to say…it’s really easy to make one table look amazing without spending a zillion dollars, but twenty tables? That’s a whole ‘nother ball game. But there are ways to make it work! One secret is to look for things that are already available in bulk. Teachers’ resources can be an awesome place to find materials you’ll need large quantities of, because they’re often sold in classroom-sized numbers. Which is exactly what these place settings are all about.

Wedding designer extraordinaire Michelle Edgemont whipped up these modern geometric place cards by filling geometry teaching tools with glitter (it’s basically a glitter terrarium, you guys) and combining them with place cards that match our stained glass seating chart. When it comes to sit down meals, I’m pro assigning seats, since walking into a reception and realizing you have to pick your own seat is like being in the high school cafeteria all over again. But only you know for sure if you need a seating chart, place cards, or some combination of both.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Modern Geometric Place Settings Steps


1. Fill the shapes with glitter.

2. Place shape onto plate.

3. Print the place card printable onto the printable clear sheets. You’ll get two place cards per sheet.

4. Write the guest’s name on the place card.


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  • Mathy

    Sorry to be the bearer of math news, but these are geometric forms, not shapes. Shapes are two dimensional, forms are three dimensional. As an aside, should you choose to invest in a set, I hope you consider donating them to your neighborhood school after, because they actually are a great tool for the classroom–I used them for middle school students.

    • Maddie Eisenhart

      “Sorry to be the bearer of math news” = I just snorted into my coffee.

      Also, I took this job so I would NEVER have to hear those words again. Do you hear me? :) (That said, agreed on donating them. It’s actually nice to use materials where you have a clear option for that, unlike my stupid cylinder vases that are still god knows where in whoever’s basement.)

      • Anna P

        It’d be awesome to see APW do a post on options for donating stuff post-wedding! We used an organization to send our flowers to a nearby hospice facility, but it was kind of a logistical nightmare. A list of what can be donated and some advice on how to do it would have been super helpful.

  • Lawyerette510

    I’m going to need to throw a dinner party and do this, because these are all kinds of wonderful!

  • Kayjayoh


    I’m just picturing what happens when one of these falls of a table and breaks. A little glitter bomb.

    • Maddie Eisenhart

      Ha. I mean, glitter bombs sound…awesome to me. But. You could totally fill these with other stuff. Or paint the bottoms a different color to show through. The geometric…*forms* are just so damn cheap and awesome. The glitter is just a bonus.

      • Elizabeth

        My mind is going nuts with the possibilities!

        ETA: We both work in cinemas. Filling them with popcorn.

  • SuperDaintyKate

    When I saw the picture, I dreamed that they were like little snow globes with the person’s name written on the bottom of the form. Shake the globe to see where you sit! A bit of a hassle to find your seat, sure; a ridiculously fun hassle, absolutely!

    • KJS

      I want to like this twice!

  • Evan Harriman

    This is wonderful!! I’m wondering how to change the colors in the place card PDF

    • Hi Evan, you’ll need photoshop installed on your computer and knowledge of the program in order to change the colors. To do so, use the magic wand to select one rectangle. When it’s selected, go to your swatches palette to choose your preferred color. Then unselect the rectangle.

      • Evan Harriman

        That makes perfect sense! Thank you :-)

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