How To: Homebrew Your Wedding Beer

As we’ve re-started the new APW How-To series, we’ve tried to keep things fun. There are plenty of sites that will give you detailed how-tos on craft projects. But what about those of us that just want to make fun things, with not too much effort? Well. What’s more fun to make than booze, I ask you. So today’s super simple, super fun How-To post is from Meghan, who’s mountain cabin wedding and miscarriage story I’m sure you remember. She’s talking about homebrewing beer for your wedding, because if you’re going to DIY, you might as well prioritize the important stuff, eh?

The Key Questions:

1. Do you like beer? (If yes, go to step 2 and if no, proceed to step 12.)

2. Have you always wanted to brew beer?

3. Do you want to brew beer for your wedding?

4. Do you realize this will not necessarily save you any money?

5. Can you bring beer to your venue and do you have a place to store it until that time?

6. Is it at least a few months before your wedding date? (If yes, go to step 7 and if no, you probably cannot make beer in time.)

7. Ok. Go to your local homebrew store (most large cities have such a thing and you can find the location using your favorite internet search engine).

8. Tell them that you want to brew beer for your wedding. They will be excited. They will ask you when it is and help you figure out a brewing schedule. Purchase equipment (100-200 bucks) and ingredients (20-40 bucks per 2 cases).

9. Follow instructions given to you by homebrew store.

10. Wait a month or two to try your delicious beverage.

11. Make cute labels for your beer or don’t and just do a color-coded sign like we did.

12. Cheers! Have something yummy to drink!

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