How to Make a Kraft Paper Table Runner & Tie a Tablecloth Knot

Do we have some slightly more complicated how-to’s coming up? Yup. But in the meantime, there is nothing wrong with the super zen, fantastically affordable solution.

First: The kraft paper table runner. I mean, it looks so good in restaurants, why not do it for your wedding? Plus, you can throw some jars of crayons out there, and everyone can have a ball. You can avoid the step of having to fold and cut the Kraft paper if you happen to find it in the width you need. You know, just in case this how-to is too complicated…

Second: The tablecloth knot. This is a catering trick. It’s a way to make your tablecloths lay correctly, and look polished. Plus it has the added benefit of holding your runner in place. And now you don’t have to pay a caterer to learn the trick, because Elizabeth is totally giving you the scoop for free.

And in case you’re not sold now, wait a few weeks till we reveal the whole table scape. It looks so good you’ll have to struggle to remember that it was basically effortless and free.

Photos by Emily Takes Photos, Crafting by Elizabeth of Lowe House Events, Graphic Design by Michelle Edgemont

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