Recycled (Wine) Bottle Centerpieces For Your Wedding

clear bottles with colored water and lights make a lovely version of wine bottle centerpieces for your wedding

This project for recycled bottles, or wine bottle centerpieces, is easy (other than the goddamn Goo Gone scrubbing), essentially free… and it looks so damn good it’s crazy. We made this centerpiece with regular bottles and jars that we had around the kitchen, but it can just as easily be made with wine bottles. If you’re using wine bottles, you’ll want to search out clear bottles (usually used for white wine), so you can show off the full range of colors.

Aside from being dead easy and free, I can assure you that this project is so pretty, the pictures don’t even capture it properly. This project is great for affordable wedding centerpieces, but it’s also great if you’re looking to decorate a party area with long outdoor ledges or edges that need to be filled with pretty things. (We’re totally going to be using this idea for summer backyard parties.)

So here is the scoop. Collect a bunch of jars, quite possibly in different shapes. This also works brilliantly with clear wine bottles, if you’re looking to create a long edging line. Once you have your collection, get out your Goo Gone and start scrubbing. And scrubbing and scrubbing. (Don’t save this for a few days before the wedding or party, because you’ll notice from my defeated posture in the photos that some manufacturers seem to put their labels on with cement, and I hate them.) Then, once your labels are off, begin the mad artsy scientist part of the project. Fill your jars with water, and then add food coloring to create colors you like. Experiment. Then add a few drops of milk to some of the jars to vary the look.


Display with the light of the sun during the day, or tea-lights at night. And pat yourself on the back for making something so pretty out of free materials.

Photos by: Emily Takes Photos

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