How to Make Easy Modern Place Cards

This How To is so easy it’s almost criminal. By which I mean, it’s less a How To, and more a suggestion. Because if we know one thing about wedding place cards, it’s that you inevitably end up making them three days before your wedding during the time you hoped to be relaxing. But, you either suddenly decide that you need them (so your solo friends will be seated with people they’ll like), or you’ll have planned to do them weeks ago, but never quite got to it. So there you are, three days before the wedding, and you need a project that’s easy and damn affordable. Thank goodness, making something out of nothing is the APW specialty.

In this tutorial, we used manilla folders for our place cards because they are super cheap, they fit with our overall aesthetic, and you can get them anywhere, but obviously this works with any card stock that suits your fancy. If you’re, say, four days before the wedding, maybe you have time to run down to the art store instead of just rummaging around in your drawer. That said, we got slightly fancy and used a paint marker (make your partner run out and buy you one). They offer that great saturated look of paint, but provide the control of a pen. Also, Sharpie makes them in metallic finishes, which is FAB. And finally, you’ll notice that the original style of writing we tried didn’t end up being the style that we went with. Assume that you’re going to have to practice a few different styles of lettering, layout, line width, etc. before you get what you want. We left those photos in here so that you can rest assured that it doesn’t always turn out the way you want the first time, but that it doesn’t have to be perfect to look good.

Photos by Emily Takes Photos, Crafting by Elizabeth of Lowe House Events, Graphic Design by Michelle Edgemont

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