How Do I Preserve a Wedding Bouquet?

There's gotta be some kind of taxidermy for flowers, right?

How to preserve a wedding bouquet
Q: Hello!
Here is my burning question: do most people preserve their bouquets? I’m considering what it takes to preserve a wedding bouquet. For those of you who’ve been there: how do you do it, how much does it costs, and was it worth it (or did you regret not preserving it)?
Thanks in advance!

APW, you’ve got this: what did you do with your bouquet? How do you even preserve a wedding bouquet? Are there any florists in the house that have the answer? Taxidermists? (I kid. Kind of.)

If you want the APW community’s two cents, send it to QUESTIONS AT APRACTICALWEDDING DOT COM, and we’ll do our best to crowdsource you some answers!

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