If I could only pass on one thing about our wedding day, it would be this: Getting married? It’s huge. It’s bigger than you ever expected or imagined. It’s life changing. And having done it, I can categorically say, in a way I never understood before, that it is not about the carefully planned the details. If it matters to you to have a cute cake*, by all means, have a cute cake. But it’s barely going to hit your radar screen on your wedding day. The details that will end up mattering to you are the ones you could never ever, ever plan.

By the same token, the huge-ness of the day is why I fall into the camp of, ‘I loved our wedding, but I don’t ever want to do it again.’ The wedding was so important, that doing it twice would make it less powerful. And it was so emotional that I want to remember it, I don’t want to re-live it. The next big party we have, I’m ready to go right to the eating and dancing.

And the pictures? When you look at wedding pictures before getting married, you think, ‘God, I want a wedding that pretty’ or ‘Hum, maybe I could get a short dress.’ But looking at your own wedding pictures is nothing like that. When I look at our first few pictures I see stunning natural beauty, and vibrant colors. I love them, because they remind me of a day of deep joy. But what I saw at the wedding? I saw the color of our friends eyes when she sang the seven wedding blessings to us, I saw Davids face as I circled him, I saw my hand as I accepted my wedding ring, I felt the weight of four-year-olds climbing onto my lap.

So what I mean to say is this: No matter how pretty your wedding details were, no matter how great your dress is, no matter how beautiful your wedding pictures are, they can’t even come close to the beauty of what happens in your soul.

*Or really, fill in the blank here.
Photo: One more stunning sneak peak from One Love Photo with much much love to Heather and Jon. Our wedding pictures could not make us happier, way deep down where it really matters.

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